Let’s face it, being a mom can simultaneously be one of the most rewarding and most exhausting roles in our life. We absolutely love our kids and devote a huge amount of our time and energy towards giving our children the best life possible. Especially when they are younger, we’re doing this on top of managing sleepless nights, wiping stuffy noses, and all the other milestones in between like potty training, transitioning out of a crib, dropping a bottle, etc. . .) Being a caregiver is a job that demands a lot from us physically, mentally and emotionally. As moms, we often tend to put ourselves last while dealing with the all-consuming role of parenthood. But here’s the thing, just like we can’t drive a car with an empty gas tank, in fact we could do serious damage to the car, similarly, we can’t continue to show up as our best selves for our children if we are also running on an empty tank. The analogy continues, just like we could damage a car, we can seriously damage ourselves if we keep pushing too hard without managing our own wellness. It’s vital to remember that caring for your own wellbeing lays a solid foundation for you to feel and be the best mom you can be. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:  

Stay Hydrated  

Your body is composed mostly of water and, while specific amounts can vary, adult women are generally around 55% water. Since it’s everywhere in our body, water serves some very essential purposes including regulating body temperature, removing waste and transporting nutrients. Not having enough water means that your body’s ability to perform all these functions is impaired. So, staying hydrated is critical to your overall health.1  

It sounds simple, but in order to stay hydrated, take a water bottle with you throughout the day, everywhere you go. It may even help to set reminders to take sips, finish it and refill! Remember that if you don’t feel thirsty your fluid intake is probably on the right track. Adding products like AdvoCare Rehydrate® to help replenish essential minerals can also help with hydration and make drinking water more fun!  

Nourish Your Body  

Good food, good mood. It’s true! Research has shown that diets that include fresh produce, adequate fiber, good sources of protein and a balance of healthy fats correlate with positive mental health – something that all moms need! This may be due to the gut-brain connection. A healthy diet helps support a healthy gut.2 So, instead of reaching for convenience foods on-the-go, try to pack healthy snacks that include complex carbs, protein and healthy fat. Some of our favorites include apple slices with peanut butter, carrots and hummus, or even a homemade trail mix with nuts, dried berries and popcorn. Pair your snack with a healthy dose of caffeine and vitamins, like those included in Spark®, and you’ll be ready to take on the day!  

Be Mindful 

Rushing from school to activities and everything in between can feel stressful. When you’re focused on trying to maintain everyone’s schedule, it’s particularly difficult to be “in the moment.” Trying to slow down and find a moment of calm in the chaos, can do wonders in helping reduce your stress response.3 If you don’t have time for traditional meditation or if it’s not your thing, try to focus on taking a “mindful minute” at key moments during the day. Take a few deep breaths, focus on your surroundings and be present – even if it’s just for a minute.   


Finding the time and energy to workout is extremely challenging, we’re not going to deny it. But, even something as simple as a quick 15-minute walk or 20 minute at-home workout can do wonders! That’s because activity increases circulation throughout the body, which means increased blood flow to your brain, making you feel more alert. There’s also some evidence that suggests that exercise has a positive impact on brain neurotransmitters, which can also help you feel more energized.4 If your schedule is super packed, try adding in short periods of movement throughout the day. Remember, we’re not looking for perfection here. Something is always better than nothing! 

Prioritize Sleep 

We all feel it when we don’t get a full night’s sleep. While it may be tempting to cut into sleep time to get extra chores done around the house or prep for the next day, try to prioritize sleep when you can! The CDC recommends adults get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, yet nearly 40 percent of Americans get only six hours (or less)! Sleep quality impacts various factors of overall health and wellness including hormone production, energy, mood, and brain health!5 A great way to help get into this healthy habit is to create a sleep routine. This helps remind your body that it’s time to wind down. A good sleep environment that feels calm and relaxing is also important. This includes a cool temperature (around 65 degrees F) and minimal lighting (blackout curtains are great). If you’re able to stay consistent with when you go to sleep and wake up, that can also help your body get into a great sleep rhythm.   


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