AdvoCare® MNS®, a 20-year product line favorite second only to Spark®,  has been reimagined and will become available as part of the 2021 24-Day JumpStart® and as two individual products beginning January 1, 2021.

Users can incorporate either MNS Omni™ or MNS Delta™ to their daily routines to help support core nutrition, energy and metabolic support.* 

For Distributor Training on the new MNS®, Go Here.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What should I say in my Social post?

Here are suggestions for what you could say in a social post, but remember:

    • always adhere to the AdvoCare Advertising Guidelines,
    • always identify yourself by using the #AdvoCareDistributor hashtag,
    • and of course include your order link with your Distributor ID/number! (VIDEO: Sharing Your Referral Link)

Suggested text for FACEBOOK

Heading into the New Year with your health top of mind? The new AdvoCare MNS® helps support your core nutrition, energy and wellness* and it’s available now in the 24-Day JumpStart® or as an individual product! #AdvoCareDistributor

Suggested text for INSTAGRAM

Happy New Year✨

AdvoCare is bringing even more new with the reimagined AdvoCare MNS®! Start the New Year off on the right foot by supporting your core nutrition, energy and wellness* with MNS Omni™ or MNS Delta™😄 #AdvoCare #MNS #NewYear #wellness #AdvoCareDistributor

(Note: Instagram will not turn your referral link into a clickable URL in your post, so you can still include it in your post text, but make sure to put it in the text of your bio on your account page where it becomes clickable!)


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Shareables Resources

Shareables, Help and Guidelines

How Do I Use Shareables to Promote AdvoCare® To My Customers?

You are allowed (and encouraged!) to download and share any of the images (Shareables) on this page to promote in an email, text or on your favorite social channel. Distributors, make sure to include your order link:

To Download on DESKTOP: right-click on any approved image and select “Save as”.

To Download on MOBILE: hold your finger down on the approved image to activate the menu options, then select “Add to Photos”, “Save to Camera Roll”, or other similar option.