AdvoCare® MNS®, a 20-year product line favorite second only to Spark®,  has been reimagined and will become available as part of the 2021 24-Day JumpStart® and as two individual products beginning January 1, 2021.

Customer input led AdvoCare® Research and Development and Science & Medical Advisory Board members to renovate and improve MNS®, which has a new look and consists of 2 new MNS® systems: MNS Omni™ and MNS Delta™.  These two new products have been reformulated with 5-6 supplements and into only two packs, and will replace the existing MNS® products. 

AdvoCare® Director of Product Marketing Aaron Williams and Senior Manager of Research and Development Dr. Lauren Horton explain the coming changes to the MNS® systems.

The Systems

Users can incorporate either MNS Omni™ or MNS Delta™ to their daily routines to help support core nutrition, energy and metabolic support.* 

MNS Omni™ – Overall Wellness Approach (contains equivalent of 140-150 mg caffeine). 

    • Provides core nutrition, energy and metabolic support.*
    • Helps promote brain and cardiovascular health.*
    • Support digestive and immune system health.*
    • Aid in promoting healthy hair, skin and nails.*

How to take MNS Omni™: Take Pack 1 thirty minutes before breakfast and take Pack 2 with breakfast or lunch. 

MNS Delta™– Weight Management Approach (contains equivalent of 280-300 mg caffeine). 

    • Provide core nutrition, energy and metabolic support.*
    • Help manage appetite.*
    • Help control cravings.*
    • Support digestive and immune system health.*

How to take MNS Delta™: Take Pack 1 thirty minutes before breakfast and take Pack 2 one to two hours after lunch. (Note- Pack 2 contains a thermogenic component and caffeine, so taking Pack 2 before 3 pm is suggested.)

What’s New?

  • MNS® has a focus on two categories: overall wellness and weight management. MNS Omni™ has a focus on overall wellness and MNS Delta™ has a focus on weight management.
  • Each system has less pills and is only taken twice per day. MNS Omni™ has 5 supplements and MNS Delta™ has 6 supplements.
  • MNS Omni™ and MNS Delta™ will have a reduced price of $37.95. Previously MNS® E, MNS® C and MNS® 3 ranged in price from $41.95 – $43.95.

Customer Recommendations

Customers may be trying to decide which MNS® system they should choose. AdvoCare® suggests the following:

  • Users can choose MNS Omni™ if their focus is overall wellness or they were a previous MNS® 3 user,
  • or select MNS Delta™ if their focus is weight management or previously took MNS® C or MNS® E.

For more information or to purchase MNS Omni™ or MNS Delta™ visit

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.