Summer Remix presents an amazing opportunity for Distributors to share fantastic new products, flavors and promotions. Here are some of our top suggestions for how you can maximize your Summer Remix, and earn!

Distributor Tips For Maximizing Summer Remix

  • This summer, focus on everyday energy and hydration. Spark® and AdvoCare Rehydrate® aren’t just for hitting the gym! They’re perfect for the beach, playing with your kids, shopping and travel.
  • Use the Summer Remix product launches and Shareable images to help you work towards earning the Turn It Up Incentives! Each month we will have a special tool for you to use to invite your customers to participate. Keep an eye out for these special announcements, there’s a surprise in every month!
    • Monthly Product and Promotion Announcement Posts:  JuneJuly – August
  • Join us at the June 20 Lunch ‘n’ Learn to learn how you can make the most of Summer Remix and the Turn It Up Incentive.
  • Share your favorite flavors of Spark and Rehydrate this summer with friends and family- stick packs are meant to be shared! We’ve got some old favorites coming back and some new flavors that you’re sure to love!
  • Mix it up! Post your favorite Spark and Rehydrate combos (try these!) on your social media as you go throughout your day. Try a new combo every week and share! Show images and videos of yourself using Spark and Rehydrate in your day to day life (and be sure to tag @AdvoCare on Facebook and Instagram – we may feature you!).
  • Share the videos and graphics you’ll find posted on Instagram and Facebook DistributorHQ highlighting everything that’s happening this summer.
  • Each month we’ll be sharing samples of different products in customer orders. For example, in June every order will have Biofuel® and Rehydrate Gel! Be sure to follow up with your customers to see what they thought of these amazing products.