Patrick, Christina and Marcia kicked off July LIVE today and shared some of the exciting goings-on at AdvoCare®. Summer Remix is in full swing with new promotions, incentives and fun to come! Watch the live replay of today’s announcements below.

Here’s everything you need to know (so far!) for July: 

Take a look below, and reach out to your Region Manager with any questions.

AdvoCare Summer Remix Pix Sweepstakes

With AdvoCare’s Summer Remix in full swing with sweet flavors and deals, Instagram is buzzing with fans talking everyday energy and hydration for their summer activities. And to thank our AdvoFans for sharing their summer pix we’ll be offering chances to win great AdvoSwag during the month of July!

Spark® Cranberry Peach Orange & Rehydrate® Pomegranate Tangerine

These favorite summer flavors are skating into your summer lineup! Spark® Cranberry Peach Orange and AdvoCare Rehydrate® Pomegranate Tangerine are now available. 

Find Rehydrate Pomegranate Tangerine Shareables here. 
Find Spark Cranberry Peach Orange Shareables here. 

Turn It Up Summer Sales Challenge

We’re heating up your summer! Earn levels of prizes for meeting the sales challenge each month.When you earn the highest level each month, you’ll earn the Ultimate Turn It Up Grand Prize at the end of summer! 

Log on to to learn more.

AdvoCare Rehydrate®

AdvoCare Rehydrate® is on sale! Get Rehydrate at a discount for a limited time. 

Find shareables here.

Preferred Customer Promotion 

During the month of July, new Preferred Customers will get a free bag of Spark® Strawberry AND a free Spark Sample Pack when they place their first order!
Learn more about becoming a Preferred Customer here. 

Preferred Customer Additional Promotion

Become a Preferred Customer for FREE when you spend $25.95 or more from July 20 – August 2. 

Learn more about becoming a Preferred Customer here

How do I promote with Shareables?

Download and share any of the “Shareables” on this page (images or video) to promote in an email, text or on your favorite social channel to share AdvoCare with your customers!

To Download on DESKTOP: right-click on any image and select “Save as”.

To Download on MOBILE: hold your finger down on the image to activate the menu options, then select “Add to Photos”, “Save to Camera Roll”, or other similar option.

What should I say in my Social post?

Here are suggestions for what you could say in a social post, but remember:

  • always adhere to the AdvoCare Advertising Guidelines,
  • always identify yourself by using the #AdvoCareDistributor hashtag,
  • and of course include your order link with your Distributor ID/number! (VIDEO: Sharing Your Referral Link)

Suggested text for FACEBOOK: One of my favorite summer products is on sale during the month of July! I never have a workout or a pool day without my AdvoCare Rehydrate®☀️ Choose your favorite flavor and stay hydrated this summer! #AdvoCareDistributor

Suggested text for INSTAGRAM: Stay hydrated this summer with AdvoCare Rehydrate®! My favorite hydrating summer sip is on sale all month long☀️ #AdvoCare #AdvoCareSummerRemix #Spark #AdvoCareDistributor

(Note: Instagram will not turn your referral link into a clickable URL in your post, so you can still include it in your post text, but make sure to put it in the text of your bio on your account page where it becomes clickable!)