The AdvoCare® Family and Champions Council Distributors were together this weekend once again for an encore #BecauseICan2021 event in Frisco, TX. January’s event proved to be so well-received that the September 18 event was scheduled to help Advo-Fans refocus and recharge during a live broadcast that attracted an even larger Zoom audience than its predecessor!

Guest speakers once again punctuated the event with informative and uplifting segments, and AdvoCare launched a brand-new product line! Let’s look at some of the takeaways from #BecauseICan2021.

AdvoCare Reminds Us All, “We Can”.

The broadcast was kicked off by AdvoCare® CEO Patrick Wright, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Christina Helwig and Senior Vice President of Sales Marcia Cota who talked about the “heaviness” and yet hopefulness of 2021, and the importance of the “Because I Can” personal affirmations in an ever-changing world:

Because I Can:

    • Focus on what I can control… my mindset & my mood
    • Focus on being loving and kind
    • Move my body
    • Be thankful for something every single day
    • Be more present in the moment
    • Know that every person is struggling with something, and for them that struggle is as big as mine is to me…and in knowing that, I CAN be more kind. 
    • Accept these truisms without a time limit. They remain relevant always….even with a chaotic world around us!  

“Christina and I also learned that turning ‘I’ into ‘we’ is so powerful,” said Marcia. “So, ‘Because we can’, we’re continuing to move forward – together – in this ever-changing world.”

Christina, Marcia and AdvoCare® Product and Nutrition Specialist Dr. Lauren Horton were joined by mental health therapist, author and SMU Professor Dr. Misty Solt who all shared their home and work realities of pandemic times, and its ensuing stress.

“Most people have suffered mentally – adults and kids, everyone is in this together,” said Dr. Solt. “with depression and anxiety doubling in both groups. Suicide rates have gone up along with substance abuse too. This has really hit everyone hard. Everyone is feeling stress exhaustion.”

It’s important to know you are not alone. Here are some of their recommendations:

Power Up

    • How you start your day matters & keeps us anchored.
    • Start strong with a healthy mindset.
    • Help yourself so that you can help others.

Routine (predictability) is a healthy habit first thing. Why? Predictability leads to security, which leads to safety. Many felt very unsafe this past 20 months, which creates a lot of anxiety… Try to focus on one big thing. By focusing on one thing, you build momentum. Then set your momentum (ie – music on your drive to work); doing positive small things every day to build momentum and give you positive energy. Often the biggest factor that leads to large victories is persistence and motivation along the journey. Small Achievements fuel motivation and help us to power through!

Power Through

    • Celebrate the Small Wins
    • Self-Affirmation – change that narrative (Be positive, be grateful, have grace for yourself)
    • Avoid triggers that spark anxiety. What behavior are you exhibiting as you respond to that trigger?
    • Focus on your relationship with yourself and surround yourselves with people who can and do support others!

Power Down

Often forgotten about because it’s at the end of the day is the importance of calming down our system and getting great, restorative sleep each night. Lack of sleep can lead to stress hormone production, lower energy levels, change in mood and affect cardiovascular, immune and brain health.

The group left us with tips to combat the stress that is often felt at night:

    • Keep your phone away from your bed at night
    • Involve your senses to help – maybe a diffuser with lavender or calming music
    • Create a sleep routine just as you have a morning routine
    • Avoid heavy meals & caffeine at night

If you find yourself struggling…talk to a mental health professional. Know that you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 to speak with someone who can help, or search for great resources.

GO MEs™: A Supplement Worth Celebrating!

GO MEs™ are all about celebrating the small wins! The much anticipated product line received an enthusiastic live response and lived up to its tagline. GO MEs™ will include three product options: a Multivitamin, Collagen and Elderberry, giving users a fun, easy and rewarding delivery option for family dietary supplementation.

SWEEPSTAKES! Christina Helwig also announced that customers will have their chance to win with GO MEs™! Customers who order any GO MEs products on between September 18-25, 2021 earn a chance to win.* Twenty randomly-chosen winners will receive:

      • a GO MEs Experience Box,
      • and a YETI® Hopper Backflip Cooler! (Total prize retail value $405)

Official rules found HERE.

Learn all about AdvoCare GO MEs™ on

Distributor Training and Shareables can be found HERE.

Erin King and Unlocking your Audacity

Socialite Agency Founder and CEO and “Digital Persuasion” Author Erin King took to the stage to teach us how to unlock our audacity and level-up in life.

Erin’s Book “You’re Kind of a Big Deal” talks about how “while big dreams and confidence might get you started, they won’t fuel you throughout the marathon and over the finish line. In order to keep going through thick and thin, you need audacity. ” 

Before the riveted group today she emphasized:

    • Fears are fake news. Identify what is fact versus what are your feelings.
    • Become a bad listener – ignore everyone else saying you can’t when you know you can. Your intuition is individual, not collective. Your inner voice is yours and only you know what you need to do.
    • Turn down the volume on people you need to listen less to. Their reaction is just a reflection of the effect your big bold idea is having on someone. This is your party and your playlist!

Jason Witten On Life After Football, and Gratitude.

Finally former Dallas tight end football legend and AdvoCare® Endorser* Jason Witten and CEO Patrick Wright sat down to talk life after football and Jason’s 11-years of being part of the AdvoCare® family.

Jason spent 16 years playing football in Dallas, and then another year in Las Vegas before retiring. Since he has continued his legendary career by coaching high school football, including his son. He spoke from the heart about the opportunity this new phase has given him to re-center and reflect, think about the future and connect with his family on a deeper level.

He spoke fondly of his relationship with AdvoCare®, which extends back early in his career, and went on to say how his product use has not changed much since retiring from football, still relying on products like Spark®, BodyLean25®, and O2 Gold®.

Why AdvoCare® products, then and now? “I could trust what I was doing to my body and see the payoff.”

He also mused about how after giving his kids the new AdvoCare GO MEs™ Multivitamin gummies his son remarked, “There’s no way this can be good for me, it tastes too good.” 

Jason reflected on the idea behind “Because I Can”, and about being most grateful for beating the odds set by a broken home and domestic violence. For the journey that brought him here, that he could surround himself with the right people, the relationships he built, and that someone took a chance on him. 

“I love the AdvoCare® products, but I love the people more.”

*Endorsers receive free product in exchange for their endorsement and are compensated for their time and appearances.

We at AdvoCare® thank all those who contributed to #BecauseICan2021, as well as the thousands who attended, either in person or on Zoom! Your extraordinary level of energy and positivity drives us all forward toward our goals. Please join us on Facebook and Instagram to share your takeaways from this wonderful event!