It’s a few hours until your next meal, but your stomach starts rumbling. You’re drinking plenty of water and trying to stay on track with your nutrition goals, so what are you supposed to do?! Start munching on a healthy snack, of course! Intentional snacking helps keep cravings under control and keeps your body properly fueled in between meals. Here are some specific strategies that can help you make the most out of snack time.

Incorporate Protein and Carbs

This winning combination of macros helps keep you feeling full and satisfied. A great snack idea that fits the bill? Try a packet of tuna with a serving of whole grain crackers.

Limit Added Sugar

While it’s common to crave something sweet – especially in the afternoons – try to avoid reaching for high sugar options. Instead, having a piece of naturally sweetened fruit helps satisfy that craving, Plus, fruit has plenty of dietary fiber which helps keep your blood sugar stabilized. Just remember to have some protein (like turkey jerky!) along with your fruit.

Eat Foods You Like

It all too easy to try to “force” ourselves into eating snacks that we know are healthy. . . but we don’t really enjoy. Try to find healthy food combinations that you personally enjoy and keep those items on hand. One of our favorites is whole grain pretzels with a bit of peanut butter. It’s a little sweet, a little salty and totally delicious! Who said healthy eating needed to be boring?

Measure portion sizes

Portion control is an important tool for weight management and consuming the proper amount of calories to help reach your personal goals. Even the healthiest snacks can work against us if we’re overdoing it on portions (hello peanut butter!). The fix is pretty simple though. Seek out items that are packaged in single servings or, better yet, measure out your own portions using snack baggies and containers.

Keep Snacks Available

Preparation really is the key to success. You can follow all the tips above, but if you’re stranded without a healthy snack on hand, then it’s almost like starting back at square one. Keep snacks readily available in common areas, such as your desk, car, purse, etc. . . AdvoBar® Meal Bars and AdvoCare® Ready-To-Drink Protein are both great, portable options.

For more snack tips check out the video below from registered dietitian Amy Goodson, and for more snack ideas browse all of our recipes here.

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