The Stay The Course Post 24-Day JumpStart® Bundle allows you to continue your journey with the same products you have been incorporating in your daily routine during the 24-Day JumpStart® Max Phase. 

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Shareables for Facebook, Instagram or Email

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Shareables for Facebook or Instagram Stories

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Using Shareables – How Do I Promote To My Customers?

Download and share any of the Shareables on this page to promote in an email, text or on your favorite social channel, and make sure to include your order link:

To Download on DESKTOP: click the image to expand, then right-click on the image and select “Save as”.

To Download on MOBILE: click the image to expand, then hold your finger down on the image to activate the menu options, and then select “Add to Photos”, “Save to Camera Roll”, or other similar option.

What should I say in my Social post?

Here are suggestions for what you could say in a social post, but always make sure you are adhering to the AdvoCare® Advertising Guidelines. Make sure to identify yourself as an AdvoCare Distributor by including the #AdvoCareDistributor hashtag, and of course include your order link that has your Distributor ID/number! (VIDEO: Sharing Your Referral Link)

Suggested text for FACEBOOK:  I just completed my 24-Day JumpStart®, but my journey isn’t over yet! I’m continuing with the healthy habits I’ve been building by incorporating a Post-JumpStart bundle into my routine😊 Which bundle are you going to try? #AdvoCareDistributor

Suggested text for INSTAGRAM:  Feeling so accomplished after completing my 24-Day JumpStart®! But what comes next? I loved the Max Phase during my 25-Day JumpStart®, so I am using the Stay The Course Post-JumpStart Bundle! There are 5 bundles to choose from and fit into your lifestyle. DM me so I can help you decide which bundle is best for you 😊 #AdvoCare #24DayJumpstart #health #wellness #AdvoCareDistributor

Note: Instagram will not turn your referral link into a clickable URL in your post, so you can still include it in your post text, but make sure to put it in the text of your bio on your account page where it becomes clickable! ADD A STICKER! You can also find fun animated stickers to put on your Instagram Story by searching the Story GIF function for the word “AdvoCare”!

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