AdvoCare Director of Product Marketing Aaron Williams and Senior Manager of Research and Development Dr. Lauren Horton have a candid discussion about identifying markers for success, fitness vs fatness, and overcoming plateaus with AdvoCare Scientific and Medical Advisory Board member Dr. Leanne Redman.

Dr. Leanne Redman is a leading expert in women’s health and weight management, having published more than 150 research articles on diet, exercise and body composition.

Part 1 of this 2 part series can be found HERE.

Defining Markers for Success (tools and resources, and how to track your diet)

Tracking Activity (tracking exercise, burning calories, tracking devices, BMR)

Setting Goals, Fitness vs. Fatness

How to Maintain Body Weight, Overcome Plateaus and Deal With Weight Fluctuations

Dr. Leanne Redmond is a member of the AdvoCare Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, and is compensated for her role on the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.