Each year on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of women across the world. Here at AdvoCare® we have an incredible team of talented women who work tirelessly behind the scenes. In honor of this special day, we wanted to take a moment to introduce a few of these amazing individuals.

Amanda Silvas Newberry, Sr. Manager Product Marketing

  • How long have you been with AdvoCare? 3 1/2 years
  • What women have inspired you throughout your lifetime? The woman that has inspired me the most in my lifetime is my mother. She is caring, resilient, always encouraged my independence, taught me to value myself and supported me along the way. I’m forever grateful for her and she also taught me how to be the best mother for my kids. I hope they can see that in me as well.
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of? I am most proud of being a mother. I’m definitely proud of my education and career and working hard to feel successful in that way but I’m definitely most proud of being a mom to my son. It’s amazing and rewarding and hard and fun but I get to take everything I’ve learned and am still learning and help raise a strong kind human which is an important job.
  • What are your biggest goals for 2023 – and beyond? I am focused on my health. I always try to make it a priority to get outside and get moving and then read more. Always trying to read more.
  • Favorite AdvoCare Products? AdvoCare Rehydrate®, all of the GOME® and Probiotic FastMelt®

Jordan Stinnett, Marketing Manager

  • How long have you been with AdvoCare? 2 1/2 Years.
  • What women have inspired you throughout your lifetime? Women who have inspired me in my lifetime, of course, let’s start right at home with my mom and grandma, my high school English teacher, Miss McLeod. I’m also inspired by women who have come before me to pave the way, like Maxine Waters, Barbara Jordan, Nikki Giovanni, and of course, the 22 founders of my sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, who has made continuous change in communities throughout the nation, throughout the world, since 1913
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of? I would say accomplishments that I’m most proud of also started home with the life I built for myself, my wonderful son, my friends, my family, my career. But one of my career highs also includes being a part of a Guinness World Record. I got to be a part of the Guinness World Record for the most signatures on a piece of sports memorabilia. So that’s something that I always have and can always take with me as well.
  • What are your biggest goals for 2023 – and beyond? Biggest goals for me in 2023 and even beyond are just continuing self-care routines that I’ve built for myself that help me relax and just kind of recover, restore myself. I wanna continue reading, wanna read a minimum of about six books. I also wanna get back into networking and leadership programs, which are things that I thoroughly enjoyed before COVID and are now back in full swing taking place, so I can’t wait.
  • Favorite AdvoCare Products? AdvoCare Aloe Ease™, Slam and Glow Collagen.

Katie Moore, Sr. Corporate Legal Specialist

  • How long have you been with AdvoCare? I’ve been in the Legal Department for almost 8 years and with AdvoCare® for close to 10!
  • What women have inspired you throughout your lifetime? My mom holds a title as the woman that has inspired me the most. She was wonderful and loving and instilled values and morals in me that I continue to cherish. Even though she passed away 15 years ago when I was just 25, she still inspires me every day, specifically with my kids. I try my hardest to parent the way that she parented me. But then there’s also my 93-year-old spitfire grandma we call Mimi and other family members and friends.
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of? Becoming a wife to my husband Brian and a mom to our precious kids, Mason and Emmy (who are 12 and 9), and all that come with being a wife and a mommy has probably been my biggest accomplishment in my personal life. For my professional career, I feel like making a career change as an adult not only was a huge accomplishment but also coming back to Advocare was probably the best decision I’ve ever made.
  • What are your biggest goals for 2023 – and beyond? Going through a global pandemic has made me realize the importance of good health.  My biggest goal for this year and beyond is trying to balance between work, family and health. It can feel like boiling the ocean sometimes, but I’m going to start small and take one step at a time by eliminating bad eating habits, creating a ‘beginner’ fitness routine that revolves around nature and reduce online time.
  • Favorite AdvoCare Products? I have so many favorite Advocare products, but to name a few, I love AdvoCare Rehydrate® Grape and Pomegranate Tangerine. I love all the GOMEs®, ProBiotic Fast Melt, Catalyst, Peaches and Cream Fiber, and Spark® Strawberry and Fruit Punch.

Kirsten Pasha, Director of Integrated Marketing & Sales

  • How long have you been with AdvoCare? 5 Years
  • What women have inspired you throughout your lifetime? What women have inspired me throughout my lifetime? That’s so hard to answer! Immediately, I think of my mom and my grandmother, whom I was named after. Professionally, I work with some incredible women here at Advocare. I’ve been inspired by Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, Gwyneth Paltrow. Artistically, I think of Maya Angelou, Celine Dion, Gloria Steinem. I could go on and on!
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?Recently completed running a race after having two children and I’m proud of taking the time to focus on my health and do something I love.
  • What are your biggest goals for 2023 – and beyond?  This year I am so excited to travel. I’ve got some trips planned with my family and I’m really excited to see some places I’ve never been before.
  • Favorite AdvoCare Products?  I love AdvoCare Rehydrate® – all the flavors. I also love Omegaplex® and Immunoguard™. I also love baking with BodyLean 25®, and I’ve been really enjoying using our reformulated Fast Melt for some extra probiotics.