Calorie-Specific Meal Guides and Recipes [Free Download]Nutritionist Amy Goodson assisted in the creation of these free meal planning guides that are geared toward specific calorie needs. Download the one that’s right for you!

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Calculate your calorie needs here, then download your free meal plan with tips for success, and recipes for your journey!

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24-Day JumpStart® Facebook Community

Good Morning Texas: AdvoCare Donations, Workouts and Healthy Living ResourcesThe 24-Day JumpStart® Facebook Group has become a vibrant community of support, with members helping members on their health and weight management journeys. Join the conversation!




5 Pillars of Wellness Series

Bone and Joint Health 13We recently compiled expert resources on AdvoCare’s 5 Pillars of Wellness: Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep, Stress Management and Exercise. Dig into the series here for education and tips on healthier living across the pillars.

Featured articles include:

5 Pillars of Wellness [Resources and Giveaways]Good Morning Texas: AdvoCare Donations, Workouts and Healthy Living Resources 2

15–, 30– and 45–Minute Circuit Workouts 8Exercising at Home: 15–, 30– and 45–Minute Circuit Workouts Bone and Joint Health 1 10 Fitness Facts You Need To Know
Sleep on it: 10 Tips from Power SleepersSleep On It- 10 Tips From Power Sleepers Stress Management [5 Pillars of Wellness]10 Ways To Quickly De-Stress
Supplementing Nutritional Gaps 2Tips For Supplementing Nutritional Gaps 
DocTalk: Dietary SupplementsDocTalk- Dietary Supplements and Supporting The Immune System 

24-Day JumpStart® Transformation Guide

Good Morning Texas: AdvoCare Donations, Workouts and Healthy Living Resources 3The Transformation Guide was created to support the AdvoCare 24-Day JumpStart® program, and a printed version is included with purchase of the JumpStart bundle. But we also created this resource in a PDF version which is yours FREE to download. It’s your daily journal throughout the program that includes:
  • Day-by-day checklist
  • Overview of supplementation
  • Food guidance including portions, suggested food list, snack ideas and healthy swaps
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Tips for sleep and stress management