This time of year can be busier than ever, but that does not mean your healthy habits need to be put on hold. We partnered with seasoned fitness professional Monica Flores of @monicafloresfitness to bring you a simple workout routine that you can do *almost* anywhere since it requires no equipment. Here’s what Monica has to say about the program, “This is an upbeat cardio workout. Big and dynamic moves are key to amping up your heart rate without workout equipment. This workout can be completed in 10-12 minutes in one round OR you can repeat the sequence 2-3x for a longer 20 or 30-minute workout.”  

Cardio Moves

Block One

Single Knee Drives – 10x  

Double Knee Drives – 10x  

Low Lunge Jump Up – 10x 

Lunge Jumps – 10x 

Block Two

Diagonal Knee Drive – 10x  

Side Lunge + Knee Drive – 10x  

Jumps Side to Side – 10x  

Block Three:  

Knee Drives 10x each side  

Open / Hop – 10x each side  

Lunge / Kick – 10x each side 

Block Four 

Jump in and out – 10x  

Curtsey / V’s – 10x  

4 Heel Taps / 4 Jumping Jacks – Repeat 4x total 

Core and Arms

Side Elbow Plank – 10x 

Knee Drives Kneeling – 10x  

Runs (Fast or Slow) – 10x  

Pushup and Kick Back – 10x 

Core and Glutes

Single Leg Crunch – 10x on each side  

Hip Lifts – 10x  

Crunch with Hip Lifts – 10x (alternating arms on each rep)  


Note: Hold each stretch for 30 seconds! 

Reach to Toes  

Bent Leg Reach (repeat on each side)  

Lunge (repeat on each side) 

Before beginning any exercise program or changing your physical activity patterns, you should always consult with your doctor or physician, particularly if you have been injured or have a medical condition.