Infuse your fitness routine with a bubbly burst of energy that’s as refreshing as well. . . AdvoCare Harmony™! Brought to you by our amazing model and Certified Barre Instructor @ellieaxtellwellness, this at-home workout is designed to awaken every inch of your body. Roll out your mat, grab a bottle of your water (or Harmony!!), and let’s embark on a journey of movement, vitality, and wellness!*

How It Works

Warm Up: Follow the 2-minute routine below

Repeat each series 2 times through


Side lunge to passé x15

Side lunge pulses x20

Leg lifts x15

Repeat of other side

Cardio Burst (30 secs): cross jacks


Full extension open squats x15

Open squat pulses x20

Core twists in squat x20

Ankle taps x15 each side

Cardio Burst (30 secs): squat jumps


Straight arm lifts w/ towel x15

Bent arm curls x15

Straight arm drivers x30

Candlestick pulses x15

Cardio Burst (30 secs): High Knees


Push ups x15

Bear crawl taps x20

Plank jacks x20

Tricep dips x15

Cardio Burst (30 secs): Mountain Climbers


Hovering crunches (center) x15

Hovering crunches (right) x15

Hovering crunches (left) x15

Russian twists x20

Hovering teaser pulses x30

Cardio Burst (30 secs): Bicycle crunches

Before beginning any exercise program or changing your physical activity patterns, you should always consult with your doctor or physician, particularly if you have been injured or have a medical condition.

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