Getting ready to start the AdvoCare 10-Day Reset™? Congrats on making the commitment to build healthy habits! If this is your first time doing the 10-Day Reset, you may have questions about what to expect! We recently sat down with our product development team to go over the questions we get asked most about the program, from meal planning to supplements and what happens after you complete all 10 days. We hope you find this information helpful as you embark on this new journey! Plus, throughout the month of January 2024, purchase a 10-Day Reset Bundle on sale for only $50!

1.) Who should do the 10-Day Reset?   

The AdvoCare 10-Day Reset™ is designed for those looking for a fresh start and help with their path to a healthy lifestyle.  The Reset works by resetting the microbiome, assisting in nutrient absorption and gently removing waste from your body.* Remember, it is very important to visit with your healthcare professional before beginning any regimen to ensure it is right for you. 

2.) Can I have coffee / caffeine?  

Yes! The AdvoCare 10-Day Reset™ Bundle – our favorite option – includes Spark®, which has 120mg of caffeine. Consumption of some coffee and/or tea with very little or no sugar or during the Reset is also fine if you prefer.

3.) Can I have dairy? 

Each individuals diet is unique based on their health needs and goals. We recommend to avoid processed foods and focus on healthy protein, carbs, fruits, and fats. If your body does well processing dairy, we consider that quality protein and it should definitely be added into your diet, even during the 10-Day Reset.

4.) What specific products were selected for the 10-Day Reset / why?  

AdvoCare Cleanse Tablets: The first step in boosting the body’s gut microbiome is to cleanse it. If you are having irregular or inconsistent bowel movements, your body is asking for help to get back on track. After all, the bowel is a primary pathway of ridding the body of waste. When it can’t do its job efficiently, this can cleanse the system to help it reset with:

  • Promoting a healthy gut microbiome*
  • Support for improved digestion and internal cleansing*
  • Help ridding your body of waste and absorb nutrients with its unique blend of herbal ingredients*
  • Complement to a weight-management regimen*

Synbiotic Ultra™: Symbiotic Ultra™ can contribute to achieving and maintaining good health and a healthy microbiome by supporting healthy intestinal function* with:

  • A trio of prebiotic, probiotics and postbiotic ingredients
  • 10 billion CFU
  • Effective combination of eight probiotic strains
  • Aiding in good digestion*
  • Help to support healthy intestinal function*

Fiber: Rich in the fibers your body needs to support a healthy GI tract, AdvoCare® Fiber provides:

  • 10 grams of Fiber
  • Soluble and Insoluble Fiber
  • Help to eliminate waste and maintain regularity*
  • Feeling of fullness, which can help manage appetite*

5.) Why you can’t take thermogenics on the Reset?

During the 10-Day Reset we are trying to eat clean, stay active, and simplify our supplement routines as we cleanse our body. With this comes cutting out thermogenics to help minimize stimulants while you focus on your gut health. Some people will still need some added caffeine (stimulant), so we recommend Spark as the perfect addition to the Reset. Spark contains an appropriate amount of caffeine plus added vitamins and minerals to support your body during these 10 days.

6.) How can I make Fiber taste more pleasant?  

AdvoCare Fiber is rich in the fibers your body needs to support a healthy GI tract. * Each serving provides 10 grams of dietary fiber, which can help you reach your daily fiber goal. Fiber aids in cleansing the digestive tract and supports digestive health by helping to eliminate waste.* If you’re looking for an alternative to taking Fiber alone, you can also try mixing it with Spark® (we love Fruit Punch!) or AdvoCare Rehydrate® (we love Melon!)

7.) What if can’t swallow pills?

Our recommendation for anyone who cannot swallow pills, but would like to get the benefits of the 10-Day Reset is to add these AdvoCare products to their daily regimen – Fiber and FastMelt Probiotics. The combination of these products will still help help your body eliminate waste and support your digestive system.

8.) Where can I find more support while doing the Reset?

Check out our Facebook Group, AdvoCare VIPs to connect with other likeminded peers and join us in group-led Resets!

9.) What should I do after completing my Reset?

We offer 3 different bundles for you to explore after your reset including:

  • Everyday Wellness: Being well balanced continues with our complete nutrition system, support for digestive health, and a delicious protein packed shake mix.*
  • Everyday Cravings: Get support for an efficient metabolism and appetite control with increased energy to power through your days.*
  • Everyday Active: Enhance the benefit of the body’s natural processes to muscle building and recovery with this selection of products.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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