“You’ve Got This” is a wrap! AdvoCare® CEO Patrick Wright  and the AdvoCare family were joined tonight by fantastic guest speakers for #YouveGotThis2022, a very special virtual event to kick off a new year. To help you cleanse your bodies and minds to make room for the great things to come. And to look better, feel better, and perform better.

Let’s look at some of the announcements and takeaways from tonight’s virtual broadcast.

24-Day JumpStart® With Freebies Offer

The 24-Day JumpStart® is available during the month of January, and customers will receive amazing freebies with their order (while supplies last):

    • An exclusive “You’ve Got This” Water Jug
    • The all-new 24-Day JumpStart® Guidebook
    • FREE shipping

Plus, there’s a SWEEPSTAKES! Purchasing a 24-Day JumpStart® anytime in January 2022 will also enter customers for their chance to win a Grand Prize Trip to South Beach, Miami! (official rules) The Grand Prize Trip includes:

    • Roundtrip airfare for two to Miami
    • 3 nights at a 4-star hotel
    • A $1,000 Visa gift card

Facebook Group JumpStart Begins Jan 12

The 24-Day JumpStart® Facebook Group is a vibrant, active and positive group of thousands of likeminded JumpStarters, all focused on supporting each other in a healthier lifestyle. The group will be kicking off their next JumpStart together on January 12th.

Judi Holler: AND Is Your Weapon

Author, improviser, motivator, creator of the Haus of (&), Fearboss and friend of AdvoCare® Judi Holler joined us once again and spoke about positive beliefs and statements using “Yes…AND!” Some of or favorite takeaways:

    • Stop waiting for Someday – the Someday syndrome – now is the always perfect time to use the fancy china.
    • AND is your weapon – stay in forward momentum. Improv training taught Judi that saying “Yes, AND” keeps you from closing doors, and allows you to add something new.
    • Only you can open new doors. Old keys don’t open new doors. And new doors require change. You can’t get stuck in your old ways.
    • The 75/25 rule: get yourself 75% there, but then leave room for the magic to happen.

You are ONE DOOR  away from changing your life. Are you going to open it?

Dr. Lauren Horton: Cleansing Body and Mind

It’s so important to set your intention – be purposeful. Be intentional about what we allow in mentally. I think when we cleanse ourselves physically, we also have to be intentional. We should take some time and think about what serves our needs and goals – what fuels our bodies. Of course, this includes diet (what we put in our bodies) but also exercise – physical activity.

    • The beginning of the year is a great time to reset and to refocus our intentions for a healthier lifestyle. Write a plan and set obtainable goals, decide what you want to digest physically AND mentally, as well as be intentional about how you want your body to perform by adding physical activity that meets your needs and goals.
    • Drink water. Water is the natural conduit for our body’s organs to rid itself of waste. We have a tendency during the winter months to not drink as much water as we do in warmer months, but hydrating our bodies is a year-round thing! A study comparing water drinkers to non-water drinkers showed on average that water drinkers lost 4 pounds more than non-water drinkers.
    • Help support a physical cleanse is by incorporating probiotics and fiber through supplementation and diet, be intentional about getting
      those 28 grams of fiber each day that are recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. Fiber has a stigma as being for older people, but it is great for every age group. If we take care of our bodies when we are young, they will take care of us in our older age.

Dr. Amy Goodson: Fridge-Free Snacks and Resources

Registered & licensed dietitian Dr. Amy Goodson has worked hand in hand with AdvoCare® on the food and education portion of the 24-Day Jumpstart®, and tonight reviewed recipes and resources found in the 24-Day JumpStart Guidebook as well as gave tips on healthy snacking. She emphasized 5 tips to help you fuel 2022:

    1. Include a high fiber carbohydrate and protein at each snack to slow dow digestion and stay full longer.
    2. Limit added sugar and replace with natural sweets like fruit, and pair with a protein to stabilize your blood sugar and keep your energy levels up.
    3. LIKE the snack you eat so you feel satisfied once you eat it.
    4. Dont eat out of the box or bag, it’s too easy to overeat. Measure out into snack bags so you know you’re eating the right portion size.
    5. Be prepared – Advobars® and Meal Replacement Shakes are easy to keep at the ready in your purse or gym bag.

Rebekah and David Brown: Take a Step Forward

David Brown is a 3x paralympian sprinter who took the gold in the 2016 Paralympic Games and is often referred to as “the fastest blind man in the world.” Additionally, he was the FIRST totally blind athlete to run the 100 meter in under 11 seconds. David’s wife Rebekah is also an accomplished athlete having won the USA Archery Achievement Award in 2018.

The couple joined AdvoCare CEO Patrick Wright tonight to talk about how they met, and how they motivate and support one another. David shared that he continues to train in track and field, but has also become involved in the creation of a blind soccer team with the goal of representing the United States in the 2028 games.

When asked what advice David would give to someone intent on overcoming a challenge this year, he reiterated something Dr. Horton had earlier: “Don’t make resolutions, make routines. And what is the ONE next thing you could do? Take a step forward and make gains every day.”