Fall has arrived and the holiday season is just around the corner. Hard to believe, right?! While this time brings so much excitement, it often leaves us feeling stressed and burnt out. This is the year that changes… because YOU’VE GOT THIS!  

The AdvoCare community is focused on helping people become the best versions of themselves.  What better way to accomplish that mission than rounding up world class experts to discuss strategies on helping you stay strong this season – physically and mentally! We recently did *just* that with our You’ve Got This virtual event. Here are some of the top takeaways from the evening…  

Immune Health  

After kicking off the evening, AdvoCare CEO, Patrick Wright, and SVP of Global Sales & Marketing, Christina Helwig, were joined by Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg. Not only is Dr. Blumberg a member of the AdvoCare Scientific Medical Advisory Board, but he has over 47 years of medical experience and serves as the Chairman of the Board for the American Nutrition Association, and as a Fellow for BOTH the American College of Nutrition and the American Society for Nutrition. When it comes to the topic of supporting immune health, here’s what he had to share:  

  • Nourishing a healthy immune system helps build resilience, which means your body is prepared to fight when needed.  
  • You can start small when it comes to supporting immunity. Stay active, eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, get adequate sleep and stay hydrated.  
  • Even with a “perfect” diet, supplements can be a helpful part of supporting immune health. 
  • While vitamins C and Zinc are most popularly thought of as immunity-supporting nutrients, we need a variety of additional nutrients in our diet, including: vitamin D, vitamin E and selenium. 
  • AdvoCare Supplements that were developed help support immunity include ImmunoGuard, GO MEs Elderberry Gummies (approved for Ages 4+) and C-Grams®.* However, even opting for an energy boost with Spark® can be a simple way to incorporate more vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your routine.*  

Gut Health  

Next up, we spoke with Dr. Gail Cresi, another member of the AdvoCare Scientific Medical Advisory Board and Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital and Department of Inflammation & Immunity, as well as Director for Clinical Nutrition Research. Gut health has been an emphasis for research about immune health, and as an expert in the field here are some of the top points Dr. Cresci spoke about: 

  • A healthy gut means your body can properly absorb nutrients within your digestive tract. Your microbiome – bacteria residing in your gut that help breakdown proteins and fats – plays a key role in that process.  
  • We can support a healthy gut and microbiome through our diet by eating fermented foods and incorporating fiber. Including a probiotic supplement is another simple way to add an additional layer of support.  
  • The AdvoCare Cleanse system helps support your gut by essentially cleaning your digestive tract in order to maximize efficiency of nutrient absorption. Plus, the system also includes AdvoCare® Fiber and a ProBiotic RESTORE ULTRA® – both of which are helpful to incorporate in your routine consistently even after finishing the 10-day cleanse. 

During the month of September, we’re running a special promotion on the AdvoCare Cleanse System. Purchase now to save $10 and receive a free digital food scale. Remember to also join us in our community Facebook Group here as we start a community cleanse on October 3rd 

Chat with Becky Sauerbrunn  

Becky Sauerbrunn is a 2x World Champion and defender for USWNT/Portland Thorns FC and she’s been playing soccer at an elite level for over 15 years. So, you could say she knows a little bit about what it takes to keep your mind and body strong. These are her tips to do just that:

  • Take time to recharge your batteries. Find something relaxing that you love to do (reading a book, playing a game, spending time with a pet or loved one, etc..) and make sure to incorporate that into routine regularly.
  • Focus on nutrition. What you put into your body has a huge impact on how you feel, so focusing on good quality nutrition really helps you feel your best.

Mystery Flavor Announcement!  

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Stress Less This Season 

We closed out the evening with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, author of Get Out Of The Red Zone: Transform Your Stress and Optimize True Success and renowned expert on living a purposeful life. Here is the information Dr. Lombardo shared to help you stress less and enjoy the holidays this year: 

  • Red Zone Thinking = driven primarily by the limbic system, involves the “fight or flight” system
  • Green Zone Thinking = driven primarily by the frontal lobe, incorporates more perspective and resilience

Try to be aware of when you may be in “the red zone” by looking for these red flags: 

  • Unwanted emotions
  • Unwanted physical sensations 
  • Unwanted behaviors  
  • Unwanted thoughts  

Get out of the red zone w/the HELM principle  

  • HALT – stop what you’re doing 
  • EXERCISE –  get active
  • LAUGH  – find something to make you laugh
  • MUSIC –  turn on your favorite music