Almost everyone has a personal mix of qualities that add to their value as a human being; it’s fair to say that all of us have some, but not all of the qualities we should have. Of the ones we could have, there are three that stand out as being a part of every visionary, dreamer and leader. It’s the combination of the three that brings an uncommon uniqueness to a person. It’s essential for your success to become a master of these three qualities, so here they are….  Tweet This!

Hope. Confidence. Imagination.

What the world needs today, more than ever before, are more people who possess this remarkable combination of virtues. We have an abundance of skeptics, critics and doubters throughout society and certainly among those whose opinions influence us every day. They focus upon the problems to such an extent that they have no time to think about solutions. They’re so absorbed by what’s “impossible” that they have no time to pause to consider what is possible. Our nation, and indeed the world, need more people who can dream – to use the words of Robert F. Kennedy – Some people see things as they are and ask “Why?” while others see things as they could be and ask “Why not?” – So, why not you?

The combination of hope, confidence and imagination help make even the most impossible achievement more probable.  Tweet This! Anytime a person becomes engaged and brings those three human qualities into an endeavor, they almost mystically become empowered with the ability to see what others do not see, feel what others do not yet feel and know what others have not yet known.

Sometimes, there are those who experience a weakening of their hope, a melting away of their obvious confidence and a stagnation of their imagination. What once drove them has not abandoned them – they have reached success, but those three highly valued virtues that made success possible are no more.

Why not start today to reflect upon where you once were – and perhaps where you still are today and ask yourself, “How genuine is my hope? How strong is my confidence? How vivid is my imagination?” and “Am I still actively using all three on a daily basis?” If you reflect upon your answers to those three questions, you may discover another question, “Do I want the second half of my life to be a duplicate of the first half?”  Tweet This!

Remember, what we do not use, we may lose. How tragic would it be to have once possessed those three great qualities but to have lost them through neglect?