Spark® Testimonial Video Contest

The Contest

It’s time to make your love of Spark® known – with a chance to win!

Submit your video to enter the Spark® Testimonial Video Contest, open for entries through Sunday, August 9, 2020. (Official Rules)

Five (5) winners will receive $150 retail USD in AdvoCare products! Plus, additional videos may receive a bag of Spark® of their choice as an honorable mention prize!

Here’s How To Enter:

RECORD A SINGLE VIDEO FILE (using your smartphone is fine!) and include responses for the following:

FIRST:  Share why you love Spark® and how it fits into your daily life (15-30 seconds in length).

NEXT:  Answer the following questions in one sentence or less (one word answers are acceptable and encouraged, but not required):

        1. Which Spark flavor is your favorite?
        2. What is one activity that you always pair with Spark®?
        3. Is energy, fuel, or focus your favorite Spark® benefit?
        4. What is your favorite time of day to take a Spark®?
        5. How does Spark® help you accomplish your daily tasks?

THEN SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO ENTRY through the contest submission link below!


        1. Video must be shot in landscape mode (horizontal)
        2. The person submitting the video entry must be the ONLY person in the video
        3. Total video length should be between 30 seconds to 1 minute
        4. If possible, have someone film for you – if that’s not an option, try to prop your device up to avoid shaky footage
        5. Try to use natural lighting where possible (like inside next to a window – not overhead sunlight!)
        6. Place yourself either center horizontally, or one-third of the way to one side of the screen throughout the video – don’t forget to look right at the camera!

How We’ll Choose The Winners:

The five winning videos will be judged on creativity, clarity of answers, and quality of video.

Tell us why you love Spark®! Good Luck!