The mystery has been solved! Spark® Mystery Flavor is . . . WHITE GRAPE PEACH! Did you guess correctly?

If you did guess correctly, congrats!! …and most of all CONGRATS to our winner, Andrew S. who scored the $10,000 prize. Here’s the breakdown of just how many guesses we received & how many were correct and a little bit of info about our special winner.

What is your favorite Spark® Flavor? Mango Strawberry has been my favorite – but after the win, I think White Grape Peach will probably take the top spot going forward.

Do you use any AdvoCare® products besides Spark®? I have only used Spark regularly, but I’ve also used Meal Replacement Shakes in the past as well.

How long have you been an AdvoCare® Customer? I have been an AdvoCare customer for around 6 years.

How are you going to use your prize? My daughter’s first birthday is coming up, so her party just got upgraded. Family Christmas will probably benefit as well. I’ll also be replenishing my stock of Spark, of course.

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