The holiday season can be stressful, even for the most composed among us. Between decorating, entertaining, gifting, and the like, it’s easy for life to feel overwhelmed. The good news? You’re not alone! We recently sat down with Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Christina Helwig and Senior Vice President of Sales Marcia Cota to get some of their favorite ways to maintain peace of mind during the season.

As working mothers, how do you prioritize your time during the holidays?

Christina: It’s so hard to prioritize self-care when life is so busy around us and truthfully, this season makes me want to do ALL the things because it just brings myself, husband & kids so much JOY! Truth be told, you can’t help anyone else when you’re not well yourself so I just try to do a few little things and feel like those are wins. I fill 2 weekly pill boxes every other Sunday to make it easy for me to start the day with my vitamins & supplements. I try to drink enough water and get outside each day and then I try to find something little once or twice a week – I love a good face mask and am not afraid to take the kids to school with my hydrating eye patches on! You know the phrase “do as I say, not as I do”, well I’m trying really hard to put my phone in the other room before 10pm even just once a week!

Marcia: I know that taking care of myself is even more important during the holiday season. I also recognize that I’m at my best when my schedule still remains somewhat consistent. Starting my day with a workout, drinking my daily water intake, and getting enough sleep are three things that support me physically, and mentally! I know they need to be prioritized in order to happen.

What’s your single favorite hack to make the holidays a bit easier?

Christina: My favorite holiday hack is to lean on a caterer! I love to cook fun things at the holidays, but with 2 toddlers and a teenager it’s just hard and takes a lot of the fun out of it so I will make 1 dish (usually a dessert the kids can help with) and find someone else to do the rest! Also, I am a ridiculous list maker, sometimes my lists have sub-lists (type A on overdrive), but I’ve started sharing 1 list in the Notes app on my phone with my husband so we are on the same page with so much going on this season, it’s helped us to communicate even more this time of year!

Marcia: It’s ok to say No :). Sometimes we feel we need to say yes to every invitation – and we don’t. Also, pick a couple of days when you intentionally plan on planning absolutely nothing. December 26th has always been that day in our family. We tend to stay in our PJ’s most of the day, and enjoy leftovers, and each other’s company.

Strategies when you feel stress taking over?

Christina: Stress is a part of everyone’s daily life I think and the holidays seem to bring even more, but I try to be aware of what my stress triggers are to curb when I can ahead of time – for example, if I sense my littles are on edge then I actually will take 1 minute all together to sit down in a quiet place and take deep breaths all together. I know for me if I’m stressed it definitely carries over to everyone else in the house so keeping as much consistency is important (i.e. my own bedtime routine) regardless of the extra chaos at this time of year!

Marcia: At the holidays, or anytime of the year, I know that removing myself from whatever situation I’m in can be an instant reliever of stress. Acknowledging how I’m feeling and then leaving a room, going for a walk, taking some deep breaths…can all support stress relief. Oasis becomes my drink of choice in those situations

Favorite holiday indulgence?

Christina: I can’t pick just one!! Honestly, good old fashioned sugar cookies (from the frozen section!) with store bought icing and decorate like we make for Santa! My newest indulgence though is “Karl the Snowman” from Kate Weiser Chocolate – a super cute hot chocolate bomb designed for a fun night with the whole family, it makes the most delicious hot chocolate!

Marcia: Hallmark Christmas movies, Christmas music, shortbread cookies! And, I have a yummy recipe that consists of crackers, butter, brown sugar and chocolate – I only allow myself to make it at Christmas time – so it’s a fav for our whole family!