Whether your ultimate goal is to lose weight or improve your appearance, the true purpose of exercise should be to improve overall health.   Tweet This!As many people hold office-based jobs and are spending more hours at work each week, the need for exercise is more important than ever.

Health benefits.

  • Improvement of cardiovascular efficiency and health
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increase in muscular strength
  • Increase in bone density

Exercise has many roles within the body. It can take on various forms such as walking and hiking, running/jogging, strength/weight training, yoga, cycling, and more; all with one main objective being to achieve improved physical and psychological/mental performance alike.   Tweet This!

Physical benefits.

Exercise improves cardiovascular fitness by allowing you to, for instance, walk upstairs without being out of breath. In a world of multitasking, improved cardiovascular fitness allows us to walk and talk.

Maintaining a consistent fitness routine supports weight management and allows you to still fit into your jeans, while also enjoying that extra serving of egg nog or holiday casserole. Working out provides a caloric deficit state that allows extra room to indulge in moderation.   Tweet This! We’ve all read about the role exercise plays on disease prevention, too.

Psychological benefits.

Exercise also plays a role in boosting your mood by releasing hormones in the body that allow you to feel better and promote a sense of happiness and overall well-being.   Tweet This!

Additionally, physical activity can allow for the brain to turn off and tune out for a while. Giving your mind a much-needed moment to kick off overdrive and allow the body to take over, and simply enjoy physical activity. Exercise the body to quiet the mind.   Tweet This!

Exercise has been known to boost confidence and productivity as well.   Tweet This! The opportunity to take a few moments for yourself can be incredibly powerful.

As you reflect on your health journey thus far and begin to set goals/resolutions in preparation for a New Year, be mindful of the true purpose of exercise and make self-care a top priority.   Tweet This!  After all, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”  

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