Editor’s note – February is American Heart Month! Most times our experts are talking heart health around here…today we turn to our resident expert on positivity and kindness, Debra Fisser, for her thoughts on another topic close to the heart, Love. AdvoCare’s wishing health, happiness and love for you and yours this Valentine’s Day!

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I remember her hugs. You know those hugs where no words are needed? Peace and JOY are exchanged in one simple act. She would embrace me with all that she had. She hugged me for so long, I almost felt uncomfortable. I learned to receive her hugs because they changed me, they softened me and now, I wish she was here because I would hug her for hours and never let go.

3 Ways To Focus On Your Love Legacy

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

“You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.”

“Treat people the way you want to be treated, you never know what’s going on in someone’s life.“

“Give grace daily.”

My mother gave me these reminders to hold throughout my life.

Sometimes the greatest tragedy reminds us of the simplest things in life. But in good times and bad, she impressed in me, LOVE is LOVE.

I’m so grateful for her gifts, her legacy. Her Love Legacy.

Focusing Your Purpose of Love

My hope is that these three simple reminders can help you FOCUS on the love you will leave: your LOVE LEGACY. I know that we could never deduct the grandiose feeling of LOVE but these 3 G’s can sure help us refocus on the PURPOSE of LOVE!

We all know, what we water grows, so let us expand our hearts.


Let me just say…sometimes the most important person to start with is the one in the mirror. Often times we will give everything to everyone else and not be able to receive anything, just like the hugs. We must receive and give, they work together to make LOVE.

  1. Have GRACE for yourself and others. It is not about perfection but progress.
  2. GIVE to GIVE, not expecting anything in return. Give someone a compliment, look up and notice what is happening around you, it may even be something as simple as a smile to a stranger.
  3. GRATITUDE: Focus on what you are grateful for in yourself and others.

As we slow down on special days to celebrate the meaning, I hope TODAY you celebrate LOVE in its fullness. What a blessed life we get the opportunity to live.

What will be your LOVE LEGACY?

Focusing On Your Love Legacy

Debra Fisser is a 14 year sales leader at AdvoCare. She began her inspirational journey in sales at age 19, growing her organization to the highest levels in the country. Debra fell in love with the process of developing leaders and establishing culture, and became well known for her passion to serve, and love of people. Debra’s greatest joys and accomplishments are her thriving 40+ year marriage to husband Humphrey, her 4 beautiful children and 6 gorgeous grandchildren.

Love Legacy: Focusing On The Love You Leave