Leads Program Overview 

The AdvoCare Leads Program delivers Customer leads generated from advocare.com directly to eligible Independent Distributors. Distributors must meet a set of criteria each month in order to receive leads the following month. Customer leads are those Customers who purchased an AdvoCare product but indicated they do not know a Distributor.  


  • Sell 350 QV to New Customers  
  • Enroll at least 2 New Customers  
  • 100 QV in Personal Purchases †† 
  • Good standing ††† 


This program delivers leads generated through advocare.com directly to eligible Leads Program participants. Person is considered “a lead” when they place an order on advocare.com but indicate they do not know a Distributor. AdvoCare will automatically assign New Customers to a Distributor account.  


Rotation of Distributor Names for Leads 
Leads will be automatically assigned by AdvoCare to Distributors who qualify for the AdvoCare Leads Program. Distributors will be prioritized based on the last Customer lead they were assigned on a rotational basis. Those who have never received a lead will be given first priority in a randomized order. 


Qualified Distributor will receive two leads in the month following the qualification period. Distributor will also receive one lead for each additional New Customer enrolled during the qualification period. The maximum number of leads will not exceed the number of New Customers that the Distributor enrolled during the qualification period. The final number of leads received depends on the total number of leads in the pool.  


Some Customers†††† may choose to share their contact information with their Distributors. Distributors may contact those customers with periodic updates or promo information. If at any time the lead does not wish to be contacted again, the Distributor must honor their wishes and cease communication.  


Activity must take place during the qualification period: first through the last day of the calendar month.  

To count as a New Customer for this program:  

  • Individual must create a new account on advocare.com as a Preferred Customer, Registered Retail Customer, or use the Guest Checkout option listing you as the Sponsor and place an order themselves using their personal credit card during the qualification period.   
  • New Customers cannot have had a previous AdvoCare account or have previously purchased on advocare.com.  
  • New Customers cannot be connected to an existing or previous account by email, address, phone number or credit card.  
  • New Customers obtained through the Leads Program will not count toward qualification. 
  • A person can count as a “New Customer” only once.
  • If a Guest Customer creates a Registered Retail or Preferred Customer account in the future, that account will not count as new for bonus or incentive purposes.  
  • Only one account per household can count as a New Customer.  

Qualifying Volume (QV) is a point system based on the USD value of the product. QV for this program may only be generated from the purchases of New Customers.   

††To count as a Personal Purchase, order must be placed on Distributors account during the qualification period. Orders must be placed using the Distributor’s credit card and shipped to the default address on Distributor’s account.  

†††Distributors must be in good standing and in compliance with the AdvoCare Policies and Procedures to be eligible. Distributors considered Not in Good Standing shall be disqualified and will not be eligible to earn. Any other disruptive or perceived manipulative activity used to qualify for this program or increase program payout (i.e., paying for someone else’s order, etc.) will result in disqualification and immediate disciplinary action including, but not limited to, probation, suspension and/or termination. AdvoCare also reserves the right to seek equitable and legal remedies. 

AdvoCare reserves the right to modify or cancel the Leads Program at any time. 

AdvoCare is not responsible for any failure of the website during the qualification period, including any technical malfunction of any computer online systems, servers access providers, computer equipment, software, or failure of any information to be received on account of internet or website traffic congestion, or any combination thereof.  

†† Customers who purchase but choose not to share their contact information with a Distributor will show up on reports as “Guest Customer”. You will not have the ability to contact those individuals.