January 2020 brought AdvoCare’s inaugural Beyond You Event, #BeyondYou2020, to Frisco, TX where customers and distributors spent two days being part of the AdvoCare community, enjoying and building friendships, and being motivated and inspired by keynote speakers for a new decade.

Standout Judi Holler (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram), best-selling author of “Fear Is My Homeboy”, led sessions both days  inspiring attendees to embrace their inner #FearBoss.

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“It’s hard to get stuck somewhere old when you are always trying something new!”

Judi Holler

Judi Holler is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and a professionally trained improviser and alumni of The Second City’s Conservatory in Chicago, Illinois. Judi studied and performed improv theatre at night while working full time by day in the meetings industry in sales and marketing for companies like Marriott, Omni, and Starwood Hotels before starting her company, HOLLA! Productions, in 2013.

At Beyond You Judi inspired the audience with challenging ideas on de-cluttering your life, and protecting all that you are. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek at Judi’s style, and messages.

“Fear Boss”


“Protect Yourself”

For more photos and video from AdvoCare’s first ever Beyond You Event, visit Beyond You Weekend In Pictures, and for more about the #FearBoss herself, visit JudiHoller.com.

AdvoCare Invites You To #BeyondYou2020