For this month’s Champions Spotlight we’re excited to introduce you to AdvoCare® Distributors Nikki and Brent Polos!

It’s been more than six years since Nikki and Brent Polos discovered AdvoCare. With several fitness facilities in New York, the couple knew supplementation was a key component to getting results in the gym but never found products they could trust until AdvoCare. Today, they say they are living their life-long dream by combining their passion for the products with their love of helping people live healthier, happier lives.

Brent and Nikki’s Favorites

Favorite Spark® flavors

Spark® Grape and Spark® Alternatively Sweetened Raspberry Lemonade


Meal Replacement Shake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and MNS Omni®

Favorite AdvoCare® memory

Our favorite AdvoCare memory is hearing Lee Greenwood sing “God Bless the U.S.A.” at an AdvoCare event in 2016. I still get chills watching the video when Mr. Lincoln, the Bald Eagle, soared over the crowd of Distributors.  

How did you discover AdvoCare®?

We were introduced to AdvoCare through a longtime friend. We own three gyms in New York (Aspen Fit), and after being approached by several supplement companies and turning them all down, we did not anticipate being interested in AdvoCare. The incredible medical professionals on AdvoCare’s Scientific & Medical Advisory Board were the reason we even entertained diving deeper into the products and company. We continued to be impressed with not only the quality of AdvoCare products but also the list of Informed-Choice tested products that ensures the products are banned-substance free. That’s when Brent and I started taking AdvoCare products and got amazing results. Brent lost a significant amount of weight , and I lost a few pounds and had much more energy.

Can you share more about Aspen Fit and how you incorporate AdvoCare®?

We started a small business together in 2004, opening a 10,000 square foot fitness facility in Syracuse, New York. Over the past 18 years, we’ve grown our company to a multi-location small chain of independent gyms. Prior to AdvoCare, we were not comfortable providing much supplementation for our members to purchase. We knew supportive nutrition was a key component to health and fitness but did not want to endorse products that were ineffective or unsafe. When we found AdvoCare we found a solution for not only our own health and wellness needs, but our members as well.

How do you share the products today?

We share AdvoCare® products with members of our fitness facilities, but truly how we’ve built our customer base is by sharing the products with friends. We are products of the products, which really helps build trust. People notice the results we have gotten and are able to maintain while enjoying our healthy lifestyle. When communicating, we listen to obstacles that people are facing and struggles that are preventing them from achieving their goals – and we are ready to provide AdvoCare products that can be a part in helping them overcome those obstacles. 

What’s your number one tip for sharing AdvoCare® on social media? 

Share your lifestyle, wear your colors, and sprinkle in solutions.

How has AdvoCare® impacted you as a couple? 

We are definitely healthier individuals thanks to AdvoCare products, which allows us to be happier people. We have been business partners for 18 years, owning Aspen Fit – we love that AdvoCare also allows us to work together.

How has AdvoCare® impacted your family?

Our children are 15 and 12. When they first started playing soccer, we gave them sugary sports drinks that we thought were good for them. Then, we saw how much better AdvoCare Rehydrate® was for your body and switched them right away! Our kids also love the new GO MEs™! I was never confident in other children’s multivitamins, but with the GO MEs Multivitamin Gummies we trust the products and know what they’re putting into their bodies.

How have you built your community?

We have built our community by being ridiculously consistent. We stay consistent with our own healthy lifestyle, exercise routine and supplement plan. We also stay consistent with our support for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness, loving people where they are and with what they feel comfortable doing. One small change can snowball into creating the best healthy lifestyle for them. So even if it’s just leading a water intake challenge or plank challenge, we know any positive choice we help someone make will improve their life. We also have a private Facebook group where we do monthly challenges, post nutritional information, share recipes, inspire each other, and support and motivate one another, and of course laugh – a lot!  

What is your favorite part of being with AdvoCare®?

Being able to help people look and feel their best. We are beyond passionate about fitness, but you cannot out train poor nutrition. Being able to share the best supportive nutrition solutions helps us achieve our life-long dream of helping people be healthier. We also love that AdvoCare endorsers aren’t just good athletes, they’re good people with values!

How has your health and fitness journey evolved over time?

By filling nutritional gaps with AdvoCare products, we are able to work out smarter not harder. When your body is fueled with proper nutrition, it is easier to do EVERYTHING! You have the energy to get through your day, you get better workouts, and you don’t need to waste energy depending on willpower alone to keep your appetite in check. You get better sleep, and your body adapts to occasional stress. When all of these aspects are working together – it helps you achieve and maintain your goals rather than yo-yo up and down.

What’s something you have learned through AdvoCare®?

Something that has always been important to us was surrounding ourselves with quality people who are honest, and AdvoCare does that! Being business owners, when we saw a large company living by the same principles we were, it really reinforced what we were doing.

What advice would you give a new Distributor just starting out?

Be a product of the product. If you use AdvoCare® products and are consistent, people will notice and that holds so much credibility. Help people where they are – It’s not just about selling Spark® or a 24-Day JumpStart® but encouraging them to make healthier choices and finding solutions that fit their lifestyle.

What brings you the most joy in life?

Our family!

Any fun mixtures you have using AdvoCare® products?

  • AdvoCare Glow™ Collagen mixed with AdvoCare Rehydrate® Melon
  • AdvoGreens® Reds Powder mixed with Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake

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