The New Year is a time of renewal: a time to refocus, re-energize and rediscover the things we love and value including entrepreneurship. And most importantly, it’s a great time for your business to hit the ground running with revitalized sales and marketing efforts. Here are some tips from AdvoCare® Distributors to help you jump-start your business in the new year.

What worked well last year?

Start by taking a look at your last year’s results. Also take time to reach out and thank those who were part of your business in the previous year. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • What worked, what didn’t and what could improve?
    • What were the biggest sources of your business success and/or challenges?
    • How can you do more of the good stuff while cutting back on the laggards?

“Before the year ends, I email* all my customers thanking them for a wonderful year of business. If we have an item on sale, I provide them with that information so when the New Year comes, they can have something to look forward to.” Cindy Mejia, Lawrence MA, Northeast Region

Check-in with current customers & make a solid plan for the 24-Day JumpStart®

This doesn’t have to be a formal process, but you can start the year by touching base with your current customers*. Share what’s new, ask how you can be a bigger part of their success in the year ahead and invite them to join the 24 Day JumpStart®.

“Reach out to every customer in December and then again when the promo comes out by email and additionally by text or call or voice message to invite them to participate in my group.*  I also remind them I am here to supporting them in any way they’d like to ensure they have a great AdvoCare experience, and I encourage them to let me know how they would like to be coached.” Sandy McClure, Creede CO, West Region

“I personally message all my customers who have ever done a 24-Day JumpStart® and tell them about any deals, freebies and deadlines.* Again, getting them thinking about making that healthy lifestyle change.”  – Adam Keilman, Crown Point IN, Midwest Region

Top Tips For Promoting The 24-Day JumpStart®

From Dawn Bosquet, Southeast Region:

    • Do not SELL – I want to EDUCATE my friends and clients this is all about Health and Wellness, so it’s for everyone.  It is not a diet.
    • Consistently build and respect your RELATIONSHIPS. This program is a commitment and I need them to trust me and the process. Their timing is important to be coachable and get the best results.
    • Be the BEST Coach! Follow up to help make adjustments and modify when necessary. Listen and offer solutions when possible. Do not focus on this purchase – focus on retaining and ask for referrals.

From Molly Jackson, Central Region:

My top tip and favorite way to talk to clients about the 24-Day JumpStart® is letting clients know that they are not alone in doing this. We have a whole community of amazing people who come together for support, ideas, and building a healthy lifestyle. My main goal is for my clients to never feel alone!

From Christine Sather, West Region:

My top tip is to use this type of message with my customers:

Hi (insert customer), after listening to your goals here’s why I think you’d be blown away by what the AdvoCare 24-Day JumpStart® has to offer. The JumpStart just sets your body up for success by resetting your system to absorb nutrition. After your body is set up to absorb nutrition it’s prepared to accept the healthy foods you put into it. We retrain your metabolism to “wake up” so your body starts working for you instead of you working so hard for it.  It takes discipline, but it’s simple, effective and my favorite, sustainable. (then I tell my weight loss story or my husbands) 

From Tiffany Privett, Midwest Region 

All throughout the year, I talk about the 24-Day JumpStart® to new customers and my friends who have never used AdvoCare®! Most people start with Spark, and so they quickly realize how amazing our products are and tend to be more trusting to try the JumpStart since they’ve already heard me rave about it.  
When a 24-Day JumpStart® promo is released, I personally message every single one of my customers to invite them to join and remind them not to miss the freebies. I also includes pictures of my freebies on my Facebook/IG account as a post and in Stories.  Showing pictures/videos of me using the water jug creates interest and previous customers love our giveaways!! 

Set a SMAART goal for the year ahead

The start of the year is a great time to really dig deep, take a breath and create a plan to do something spectacular.

    • What do you want to accomplish this year?
    • What goal will have you stretching to reach it?
    • How will you challenge yourself? Just like in the 24-Day JumpStart®, success comes from establishing SMAART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Accountable, Realistic, Timeline.
    • How can you help your customers create SMAART goals?

For more on goal setting and SMAART goals visit the recent “Because I Can” event highlights page.

“I work with my clients to set a goal and create a plan. I start them off with the 24-Day JumpStart® in order to create a foundation for their fitness goals.” Terrell Robertson, Baton Rouge LA, Southeast Region

Share with everyone, and try something new

What is one new thing that you want to try this year? Start the year off with something new and you can bring that positive energy into your business throughout the rest of the year.

“Planning ahead is important, I plan out social media posts and stories for upcoming promos.” Richele Nealeigh, Frisco TX, South Region

“I create videos explaining our products or provide them with fact sheets for AdvoCare products. This has brought a lot of traffic to my page and interacting with my followers gives us both a different perspective and a feeling of a friendship rather than a stranger trying to sell them something.” – Sandy McClure, Creede CO, West Region

Check in with former customers and reconnect

Along with reconnecting with your current customers the new year is a great occasion to revisit some of your former customers who have lost touch. They might be eager to hear from you! Who are some customers that you haven’t talked to in a while?

*Unsolicited communications concerning AdvoCare® products require the consent of the recipient and the ability to opt-out.   Distributors must adhere to guidelines for Unsolicited Communications Sent By Fax, Text or Email  per [S]ection 9.22 in the AdvoCare Policies, Procedures and Compensation Plan document on your microsite, FOUND HERE.