For this month’s Champions Spotlight we’re happy and excited to introduce you to AdvoCare® Distributor David Alexander.

David Alexander is enjoying retirement and sharing his love for AdvoCare wherever he goes. Most days you’ll find him on the golf course handing out Spark® to his buddies and anyone who will try it. The Atlanta native discovered AdvoCare in 2014. It took three Spark samples to get his attention, but once he tried it and learned more about the company, he was all in!

David’s Favorites

Favorite Spark® flavor

Spark® Mango Strawberry


Rehydrate Gel – It provides a quick way to replenish electrolytes at the golf course. 

Favorite AdvoCare® memory

That’s tough–there are a few–Sitting with the Crew Chief over the #6 pit area at a NASCAR® race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, watching my first MLS game as FC Dallas played Atlanta in the new Atlanta stadium … or getting to meet AdvoCare Endorsers Lee Janzen, David Toms, and former Endorser Trevor Bayne (driver of the #6).

How did you discover AdvoCare®?

My good friend and heating and air man, Tommy Howard, shared an AdvoCare Spark® with me. He had to give me three samples before I actually tried it. I noticed he had been losing weight and  when I asked about it, he gave me a sample of Spark, which I lost. Tommy dropped another in my mail box, and I lost that one, too. He brought a third sample with a water bottle, and I drank it that afternoon. It was so good! And I noticed such a difference in my energy that I asked him to share more.

At the time I weighed 252 pounds and was drinking a pot of coffee daily. I worked remotely, and my only exercise was going up and down the stairs from the basement to get my coffee. I wanted and needed to make a lifestyle change. When I saw the impact AdvoCare had on Tommy, learned about the endorsers and then read the AdvoCare Guiding Principles, I knew I wanted to be a part of the company!

How has AdvoCare® impacted you? 

The biggest impact on my life has been the changes in my health and wellness. I started with a 24-Day JumpStart®. In 18 months, by making healthy food choices, taking AdvoCare products, and being active with CrossFit® , I was down 63.7 pounds. Continuing to stay dedicated, I have kept the majority of the weight off for the past several years.

What’s something you’re able to do now that you couldn’t before?

One of my favorite hobbies is playing golf. It’s incredible how much farther I can hit a golf ball now! I am able to move in a way that I need to, in order to have a better golf swing. My whole game is better because I lost the weight and have more energy.

Once you became an AdvoCare® Distributor, how did you get started ?

I actually didn’t share with anyone until I knew the products worked for me. But once I started sharing, I went through my “rolodex.” I was still working at the time, so I shared with people at the office, golf course and church. I also made calls to friends and family to share how AdvoCare was benefitting my life and my family’s lives. People saw I was losing weight and wanted to know more.

How have you built your community?

I still have some of the AdvoCare bottle bands, and I use them and products in front of people – it’s my go to in terms of building relationships. Following up is the key. Listening to the advice of AdvoCare Founder, the late Charles E. Ragus and Ron Reynolds  has helped me to be purposeful. I call friends to see how they’re doing. I want them to be their best so if it makes sense, I introduce them to an AdvoCare product. I share because I want them to know how good I feel, and I want them to feel the same. I love encouraging others, and I think that’s why I’ve had success.

How do you share the products today? 

I share primarily by example. I regularly sip on a water bottle, with an AdvoCare product or two, at the golf course or gym. This continually generates questions from others near me. 

What’s your number one tip for sharing AdvoCare?  

Be a product user! Consume products in public. 

What’s something you have learned through AdvoCare? 

Sharing AdvoCare has improved my listening skills and taught me to ask questions when sharing the products, or in general situations. Before, I was so interested in sharing what I knew rather than asking about others. I have also improved my knowledge of supplements to help my family, friends and customers with their health and wellness.

What is your favorite part of being with AdvoCare? 

My favorite part of being associated with AdvoCare is the relationships I have developed through the years!

What advice would you give a new Distributor just starting out?

Be yourself. Use products in front others and be prepared to share. Your story is important. When others see you’re looking and feeling better, have your short story ready. Follow up with friends and family. When they see your results, they’ll be more open to try the products. Be purposeful but not aggressive. Ask questions – when you’re sharing with people, ask about how they’re feeling, and when they answer ask additional questions so they know you’re listening. You want people to make the decision that this will be good for them. If they don’t respond right away, it’s OK!

What brings you the most joy in life?

Spending time with my family (my wife and daughters), followed by a good golf outing!

Any fun AdvoCare mixtures you enjoy?

Spark® Mango Strawberry mixed with AdvoCare Rehydrate® Red Raspberry

Spark® Alternatively Sweetened Sunrise Grapefruit with AdvoCare Rehydrate (R) Melon