We all want to be healthy, right? No matter where you currently stand in your journey to lead a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to remember that the daily habits we practice today have the power to accelerate – or derail – our progress tomorrow.   Tweet This!

Today’s blog features a quick list of seven daily health habits everyone should adopt, to serve as a resource to help you stay on track towards reaching your wellness goals. How many items can you check off the list? Let’s take a look:

 1) Drink more water.

Water makes up 60 percent of your body weight and is the most vital source of energy. Incorporate more water in your day by drinking a glass of water each morning right after you wake up, before each meal, during exercise and before you go to bed. Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Maintaining adequate hydration levels is so important!   Tweet This!

 2) Sleep well.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night can help improve cardiovascular, immune and brain health, as well as contribute to healthy weight management.   Tweet This! Adults should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. However, the quality of your sleep is just as important as the amount you obtain. Be sure to power down all electronics, create a cool and dark environment and eat light meals in the evening.

3) Eat breakfast.

Eating breakfast can help alleviate cravings throughout the day by supporting blood sugar levels, boosting brain health, supporting the body’s natural process of sustaining energy and more. Choose breakfast options that are high in protein and fiber like or oatmeal and eggs.

4) Get some sunshine.

One of the best and most natural ways for your body to take in Vitamin D is through exposure to sunlight.   Tweet This! Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption and utilization of calcium for the mineralization of bone, involved in the regulation of the heartbeat and helps protect against muscle weakness. Enjoying a mere 15 minutes of sunshine can provide you with the necessary components your body needs to produce a sufficient amount Vitamin D.

5) Eat more fiber.

Consuming 25-30 grams of fiber per day can help support digestive health by promoting regularity and normalizing bowel movements. It also supports satiety, which can help keep you from consuming excess calories. Fiber may also help stabilize normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels, lowering the rate at which lipids, sugars and cholesterol are absorbed into the bloodstream.

6) Get moving.

Exercising regularly improves both your physical and mental well-being.   Tweet This! By dedicating just 30 minutes per day to participating in physical exercise can help you reap the many health benefits of staying active. Maintaining a consistent exercise routine supports weight management, can help lower your risk for developing cardiovascular disease, improve sleep quality, and may even boost your mood!

7) De-stress and de-clutter.

Allocate 10 minutes of quiet time and self-care to decompress from a busy day. You can practice deep breathing exercises, journaling or read a good book. Complete household tasks such as making the bed, washing dishes, laundry to create a clutter-free environment.

We hope these tips encourage you to make lifestyle changes as needed and continue your progress towards becoming a healthier YOU. What other daily habits have you adopted to support optimal health and wellness?   Tweet This!

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