AdvoCare is proud to announce new sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and promoting environmental responsibility. We’re taking significant steps toward achieving sustainability goals by adding new solar panels to our headquarters and manufacturing facility and introducing a new I-Pack boxing system reducing the energy and paper used in the shipping process. 

Late last year, we installed 1,068 new solar panels to generate a renewable energy source to power the operations. The use of solar energy has reduced our dependence on fossil fuels, and has cut greenhouse gas emissions, making a positive impact on the environment. Energy efficiency resulted in the reduction of overall kWh usage every month from the time of installation in September 2022, through March 2023.  

We also introduced a new packaging system, The I-Pack®, designed for fulfillment operations that produces rightsized corrugated packs that are 100% curbside recyclable and significantly cuts down on waste and commits AdvoCare to using less packaging moving forward.

“Our commitment is always to the community at large, and we recognize the need to act as global citizens doing our part in creating sustainable processes where we can. Our new solar panels and packaging initiatives are a step forward in reducing our carbon footprint and conserving the environment,” said CEO, Patrick Wright. 

These sustainability efforts are a part of our broader efforts to promote environmental responsibility and social accountability. AdvoCare will continue to invest in a sustainable future and is dedicated to minimizing its impact on the environment. 

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