AdvoCare International, L.P. (AdvoCare) last week launched the new AdvoCare ONE/80™, a comprehensive 80-day supplementation and nutrition program designed to fuel your transformation, and help you develop lifelong healthy habits through a commitment to personal health and wellness. The three-part system is tailored to fit all lifestyles and goals and focuses on your transformation from the inside out by building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
AdvoCare ONE/80 is designed to help customers take steps towards broader long-term health and wellness goals, says Ulli Lindauer, AdvoCare Senior Vice President of Marketing. The key to lasting success is through developing lifelong healthy habits. When we commit to making healthier choices in our day-to-day lives, we begin to adopt a mindset that will set us up for success over the long term. AdvoCare ONE/80 is tailored to help us stay on track in forming these habits, filling in the nutritional gaps in addition to maintaining a wholesome diet, and ultimately achieving maximum results.
AdvoCare ONE/80 includes three parts to guide you on a journey towards a better version of yourself:

  • 24-Day Jumpstart™ – Start your transformation
  • 28-Day Optimize™ – Optimize your routine
  • 28-Day Lifestyle™ – Make it a lifestyle

The 24-Day Jumpstart is designed to give your body the jumpstart it needs to help set you on the path towards a healthy lifestyle. The system begins with a 10-day Cleanse Phase to help prepare your body for optimal nutrition followed by a 14-Day Max Phase where you will start to develop a routine of fueling your body with quality supplementation and a healthy, balanced diet.
The 28-Day Optimize system is all about fueling your body in order to achieve maximum results. Building off of what you’ve learned during the 24-Day Jumpstart, you’ll continue to work towards your goals and incorporate AdvoCare products into a healthy routine.
The 28-Day Lifestyle system is a commitment to making a true transformation by sticking with the healthy habits you have learned up to this point and working towards a long-term routine. The final 28-days of the AdvoCare ONE/80 can help you achieve optimal results with hard work, commitment and perseverance, but it’s just the beginning of a better, healthier life.
In addition, customers who purchase the 24-Day Jumpstart before Jan. 16, 2018, and complete the 28-Day Optimize and 28-Day Lifestyle by April 3, 2018, are eligible to participate in the AdvoCare ONE/80 Transformation Competition. Winners will be selected based on the best overall transformation as a result of using the AdvoCare ONE/80 system. All eligible complete entries will receive a free t-shirt for participating, and there will be three grand prizes for the top three contestants:

  • 1st Prize: $25,000 Cash Prize + a photoshoot + 1-year supply of Spark®
  • 2nd Prize: $10,000 Cash Prize + 6-month supply of Spark®
  • 3rd Prize: $5,000 Cash Prize + 3-month supply of Spark®

AdvoCare ONE/80 includes a variety of AdvoCare products, including MNS®, Meal Replacement Shakes, Spark®, Herbal Cleanse System and OmegaPlex®. Each part of the AdvoCare ONE/80 system will also include a transformation journal, including guides for goal setting, measurements, meal prep, exercise, stress management, sleep and more.
AdvoCare ONE/80 is available for purchase via and Distributors nationwide. The 24-Day Jumpstart retails for $199.78, 28-Day Optimize retails for $227.78, and 28-Day Lifestyle retails for $227.78. Preferred Customers receive an automatic 20 percent discount.