AdvoCare International, L.P. (AdvoCare) today introduced the Champion’s Pathway, a series of new bonus opportunities designed to recognize and celebrate the achievements of its Independent Distributors. The Champion’s Pathway is designed to assist Distributors in their goal setting and provide them with more opportunities to achieve a bonus.
“The Champion’s Pathway will help guide our new Distributors on their journey to unlock the full potential of the AdvoCare opportunity,” says Rick Loy, Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales and Training. “This is going to be a great program to help Distributors consistently move towards their goals, learn healthy business behavior and for us to recognize them for their achievements.”
Through the new program, new Distributors will be eligible to earn a bonus based on their achievements in selling products along with building a customer base. The Champion’s Pathway features three levels of bonus opportunities: the New Distributor Bonus, the New Advisor Bonus and the New Silver Plus Bonus.

  1. New Distributor Bonus: The New Distributor Bonus rewards those new to the AdvoCare business for the sales they make to their customers. New Distributors will be eligible to earn between $100 and $400 during their first three Pay Periods based on their sales to at least three registered retail customers or Preferred Customers.
  2. New Advisor Bonus: The New Advisor Bonus rewards Distributors for helping others get started on the Champion’s Pathway. Newly qualified Advisors who help three of their Distributors earn a New Distributor Bonus within nine consecutive Pay Periods will be eligible for a $500 bonus.
  3. New Silver Plus Bonus: The New Silver Plus Bonus rewards Distributors for instilling successful business practices within their teams and demonstrating excellent leadership. Distributors become eligible for the New Silver Plus Bonus once they attain the Silver Leadership Pin level. They must also meet sales criteria such as making $1,000 in volume for two consecutive Pay Periods in order to earn the $1,000 bonus.

AdvoCare is also offering a limited-time bonus for existing Distributors where, like the New Distributor Bonus, they can earn between $100 and $400 based on sales to at least three new registered retail customers or Preferred Customers.
In conjunction with the one-time cash bonuses, AdvoCare is also introducing an expanded AdvoCare University invitation system, where bonus earners receive exclusive invitations to educational sessions and in-person training opportunities.
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