AdvoCare International, L.P. (AdvoCare) today announced the launch of AdvoCare Glow™, a new three-step supplement system designed to support healthy skin, hair and nails.* The company unveiled the product at Ladies Alive, AdvoCare’s annual event focused on empowering and celebrating women in the AdvoCare community.
The AdvoCare Glow system consists of three new products: AdvoCare Glow Collagen, AdvoCare Glow Skin and AdvoCare Glow Hair & Nails. The system features powerful ingredients such as collagen peptides, biotin, and astaxanthin. Together, these products provide support for skin firmness, elasticity, quality and structure and promote healthy hair and nail growth.* While Glow Collagen will come in the form of a cherry berry-flavored supplement mix, Glow Skin and Glow Hair & Nails will be retailed in softgel and caplet form respectively.
“AdvoCare is thrilled to introduce AdvoCare Glow to our product offering,” says Ulli Lindauer, AdvoCare Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We are excited to share this new three-step system with our Independent Distributors and retail customers to help them look and feel their best.”
AdvoCare Glow can be purchased as a complete system that will include a month’s supply of all three products. Customers can also sign up for monthly email reminders to re-order and will receive free standard shipping on their second orders when they sign up for this feature. AdvoCare Glow products are available for individual purchase as well.
The product bundle retails for $123. Separately, AdvoCare Glow Collagen retails for $32.95, AdvoCare Glow Hair & Nails retails for $26.95 and AdvoCare Glow Skin retails for $34.95.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.