New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees recently announced his intent to play his 20th season, nearing two decades of playing professional football. And through it all the champion has appreciated his long-standing relationship with AdvoCare and the delicate balance of football, family and fitness.

AdvoCare Endorser Drew Brees Enters 20th Season Balancing Football, Family and Fitness

Brees began taking AdvoCare products his second year in the league and today remains AdvoCare’s National Spokesperson. Many things have changed over the last 18 years but his longevity to the sport and loyalty to AdvoCare have remained. “I’ve been with AdvoCare nearly my entire career. It’s my longest standing relationship with any corporate partner and the one I really hang my hat on and value because of our history and growth together,” Brees shares.

One of the most recognized and respected leaders in the game of football, Brees works tirelessly on and off the field. Though he led his team to a Pro Football World Championship in 2009 and was awarded the title of MVP for the championship game the same season, Brees’ humility and diligence haven’t wavered since that pinnacle season. His longevity with football and AdvoCare don’t go unnoticed. But it’s his loyalty and love toward his family that stand out.

Drew Brees Enters 20th Season Balancing Football, Family and Fitness

When we sat with Drew and wife Brittany, Drew emphasized the values that he tries to instill in his children: gratitude, humility and respect. “Just being grateful for all that you have. Having a humble spirit – understanding that it’s not about you, it’s about the team. Or it’s about your family, or it’s about your class, your classmates … the group,” Brees explained. “And respect. Having respect for all people at all times.”

The couple also talked of the importance of family time – being active and sitting down for meals together:

“We all have goals, we all have careers and things we’re trying to be the best at, and I try to be as present as I can with whatever I’m doing,” Brees explains. “I know that my schedule and finding balance revolves around the time I get to spend with my wife and with my children. I can’t be the best football player I can be without having that time with them. Conversely, I know I need to take care of my job in order to support my family and maximize my time with them.”

Wishing Drew and family an amazing season!

*Drew Brees is compensated for his role as AdvoCare National Spokesperson and also receives a percentage of sales from certain AdvoCare products. 

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