This is the time of year when goal setting is top of mind and people pause to make resolutions about what they’re going to do (or not do anymore) that will make next year better than last year.   Tweet This! After all, if we just keep being the same person and doing the same things, how can we ever expect anything to change for us?

Throughout my life I’ve discovered something very important that one would expect we would all know – for things to change, we have to change; and for things to get better, we have to get better.   Tweet This! Or, we will stay the same as we’ve always been, then our circumstances simply cannot, and indeed will not, change for us.

Let me pose a few questions as we prepare to make 2018 significantly better than 2017.

  • How would you feel if by this time next year, you discover that not much is any better for you going into 2019 than was 2018?   Tweet This!
  • How would you feel if ten years from now, things were just about the same way they were ten years ago?
  • Suppose you had no investments or savings? Suppose you were broke the day before pay day on this New Year’s Eve just as perhaps you were at the same time last year. How would you feel about that?
  • And, how would you feel if the second half of your life were a duplicate of the first half of your life, and you found yourself at age 60 with no passionate purpose and with no hope that the remaining few years of your life would make anything different?

The good news behind the not-so-encouraging questions I’ve posed so far is that things don’t have to turn out that way for you!

You can start today by making two lists even before the New Year arrives.

If you think about it, when you were a little girl or boy, you made a list of things you wanted for Christmas, didn’t you? So, why not sit down with a pen and paper and make a new list – a list of things you want, but don’t have right now?

Your list can include a home for you and your family, a better car, improved health or physical fitness, more patience and respect for your family and the people around you – it can include anything your heart desires!

List-Making + Goal Setting.

The list is limited only by the dimensions of your thinking and your ability to dream and use your imagination about all that’s possible for you. We call that process learning how to set goals or goal setting.” Because, having a goal-oriented mindset and actually having goals to go for, are the first steps in achieving those goals. Learning to dream again is a big part of the achieving process.   Tweet This!

The second of the two lists you can (and should) compose is just as important. This second list is a list of things you currently have, but don’t want anymore. We all have some limits that our past has imposed on us, and after we’ve had those self-imposed limits in our lives for a few years, we can easily accept that this is just the way things are…and the way they’ll always be.

We can choose any day to compose our two lists – it doesn’t have to be during the special holiday season. Our desires for a better life and our disgust with the way things are, can happen in the middle of spring, or during summer or fall.

You – or anyone – can discipline yourself to go to the bookstore and purchase a book of ideas that will build your self-confidence, such as “Think and Grow Rich,” “Start With Why” or “The Automatic Millionaire,” to name a few. Reading can easily help to download some new ideas into your brain, and thus help you start the process of adding to your value and quality of life Tweet This!

Finally, remember the saying, “Ask and you will receive.” By making your resolutions in the form of those two lists, you’ll be asking. Taking back greater control of the quality of your life is not easy. But, it IS simple.   Tweet This! It worked for me many years ago when I was broke and unhappy, and it can work for you as well, but only if you make goal setting a priority and decide upon some resolutions that will clear a path through the forest for you and ultimately, lead to a New Year that’s better than last year.

May your New Year find you changing what you do and how you think – for the better.   Tweet This! YOU can do that!

Now, do you have the pen and paper in front of you?

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