AdvoCare® Influencers Are Champions.

If you’re reading this it’s most likely because we found you on social media, sent you a link, and want to talk opportunity! It means we love your social presence, your content, and your engagement style, and we think we would work well together.

AdvoCare® Influencers integrate great products into their healthy lifestyles and share their favorite products with their followers.

Of course, social influence doesn’t go unrewarded – our influencers can earn compensation, perks & bonuses. Below, you will learn about the AdvoCare Influencer program, its benefits and find answers to many of the questions you may have. Don’t see your question answered? Email us!

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So How Does This Work?

  1. You Apply. You send us your deets, we explore your social presence.
  2. Time For Goodies. If we think we’re a good fit we’ll send you a “collab bag” full of AdvoCare® swag to get you familiar with the products you’re going to love.
  3. Signup Time. After realizing you love our products, you sign up to get your referral site and social links. 
  4. Post And Feel The Earn! Your followers see posts about your new favorite AdvoCare® products on social and purchase through your link. You’ll have the opportunity to earn commissions, bonuses & perks!




Lets Talk Goodies.

Your AdvoCare® Collab Bag will be filled with products to try and share. Visit each of the links below to learn more about them. You can download Shareables to use on your social channels or snag some great ideas on how to feature the products!

    • AdvoCare Spark® (About, Shareables)
    • AdvoCare Rehydrate® (About, Shareables)
    • AdvoCare Glow® Collagen (About, Shareables)
    • AdvoCare Oasis® (About, Shareables)
    • AdvoCare Sleepworks® (About, Shareables)



Here’s what you could earn:

    • 10-40% commissions on product sales from your traffic (see commission structure for exacts)
    • Monthly bonuses
    • $150 quarterly product credit
    • 40% discount on additional product purchases
    • PLUS, first month exclusive incentive – $100 for your first 3 social media posts in the first month of signing up

Are you hearing the cha-chings yet?

How do you earn commissions?

    • You subtract your customers discount level (%) from your discount level and that tells you the commission you will earn. See the example break down below.
  • Influencer at 30% discount level:


Customer Type

Discount %


Registered Retail Customer



Preferred Customer



Preferred Customer





#ShareTheCare On Social

Post a creative, fun image or video on your social media channel(s). Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok…you name it! Plus, post three times during the first month in order to qualify for a $100 cash bonus.

Make sure to add why you love the product and how it benefits you in the caption (or talk about it in the video). Be honest with your audience and get creative. You know the drill. We love to see a swipe-up link to your microsite in your stories, too!

Tag @advocare and use #AdvoCareInfluencer

Post a creative, fun image or video on your social media channel(s) (Facebook and/or Instagram). Post three times during your first month in order to receive the additional cash bonus of $100.00 USD. This doesn’t have to just be a picture of the product. Have fun with it and add some originality. Feel free to use various channels!

Add why you love the product and how it benefits you in your caption. Be honest with your audience and get creative!

Add in your caption to show that you have a relationship with AdvoCare. Feel free to invite followers to use the link in your bio or the caption to visit your site or have them message you for a referral link for a discount.

Tag us @advocare – We want to share your posts on our channels! You must have #Distributor on your post in order for us to be able to share on our channels.


Note: Please do not make any type of claim that relates to you or someone else’s medical conditions (like the current COVID-19 pandemic), medication, pregnancy or nursing, or giving products to children.

Using words like “helps, supports, and promotes” are great ways to talk about the product benefits. Distributor Advertising Guidelines are found in Chapter 9 of the Distributor Policies and Procedures – please take a moment to review to help ensure your post is compliant!

Getting all the good vibes? Apply today!

Still have a question? Email us!