For this month’s Champions Spotlight we’re happy and excited to introduce you to AdvoCare® Distributors Paula and John Beaulieu.

Paula and John Beaulieu joined AdvoCare® in 2014 after their son had success with AdvoCare products. Eight years later, the avid golfers, who also enjoy drag racing, are sharing their passion for the products and people wherever they can.

Paula and John’s Favorites

Favorite Spark® flavors

Paula – Spark® Watermelon
John – Spark® Prickly Pear


Paula – V16® and AdvoCare Flex®
John – BodyLean25® and Spark®

Favorite AdvoCare® memory

Paula: My favorite memory with AdvoCare is attending my first Success School in Dallas. I will never forget the feeling I had stepping into AT&T Stadium for the first time. That’s when I knew AdvoCare was different. It was about developing relationships and trust. It was family.

John:  My favorite memory is when Paula earned Champions Council and traveling to Charleston, South Carolina.

How did you discover AdvoCare®?

My son, Aaron, was introduced to AdvoCare by a friend and had been using the products for several months, having great success with weight loss. Aaron shared a Spark® with me and suggested that I try several products for wellness  and to aid in increasing my strength. After one Spark, I knew I had found a product that would give me energy to help me get through my day; and of course I love a discount, so I became a Distributor right away!

Once you became a Distributor, how did you get started sharing the products?

We owned a sheet metal fabrication business, and I would share with people who came in.

How do you share the products today?

I listen to people first by asking questions. I want them to know I am genuinely interested in their health and wellbeing. I always ask if they have heard of AdvoCare®. I make it a point to provide free samples through personal interactions and contacts. I also wear my AdvoCare colors and distribute my AdvoCare business cards almost every day. Recently I have provided tournament prizes, which include AdvoCare products, to a local golf club. I post on social media, but I still find face to face contact works best for me.

What do you do for a living?

I was in the dental field most of my career, but in 2014 we started a sheet metal fabrication business with my son and daughter in law. In 2017, when my husband retired, we began sharing AdvoCare® even more. While sharing AdvoCare products at a local golf shop in Arizona, I became friends with the owners. As an avid golfer, I was thrilled when they offered me a part-time position! I am able to share Spark® and AdvoCare Rehydrate® with fellow golfers if the opportunity presents itself. Rehydrate is the most important thing for golfers in the heat!

What is your number one tip for sharing AdvoCare®?

Share samples and be yourself.

How has AdvoCare® impacted your family?

My entire family has seen improvements in their overall health by using AdvoCare products. My daughter, Kelly, even kicked her two-a-day double shot latte habit by replacing it with Spark® and lost several pounds.

What’s something you have learned through Advocare®?

I have learned to become a better leader through the training I have received from AdvoCare. I’ve also learned that supplements are vital to my overall fitness and health.

How have you grown since first becoming a Distributor?

I have grown through the personal interaction with other Distributors and have developed relationships that will last a lifetime. I have gained confidence and the ability to promote AdvoCare® products. My AdvoCare business has grown steadily as I’ve presented the products to customers and gained their respect and trust.

What is your favorite part of being with AdvoCare®?

I really appreciate the interaction with other Distributors. I love the culture and the lifelong relationships and friendships that I’ve developed during the last eight years!

How has your health and fitness journey evolved over time?

Prior to AdvoCare® I was not taking supplements or exercising on a regular basis. Since my involvement with AdvoCare, I have moved to a steady exercise program at the gym three days a week. With the help of AdvoCare products and consistent exercise, I’ve lost body fat and gained muscle. I find it easier to play 36 holes of golf with my husband and son. I think that is a great accomplishment for being “69 years young”!

What has been your experience earning and being on Champions Council?

It has been a great honor to share the stage with the top 60 Distributors in AdvoCare! The experience has been so encouraging, and I cannot be more proud to be a part of AdvoCare®. I appreciate that my opinion and ideas are valued and considered by my peers, and I love knowing many of the relationships I have made will last a lifetime.

We recently went to Charleston with the Champions Council, and it was amazing. Our time in Charleston was beyond my wildest imagination. It was our first trip we earned with AdvoCare, and it was five star all the way. We loved meeting fellow Distributors face to face. Many of them have been friends but only through social media. From the leadership and breakout sessions to the meals and company, it was outstanding. I know, without a doubt, if I have a problem I could reach out to any one of those people. There are quality people who are a part of AdvoCare, and we’re proud and honored to learn from them.

What advice would you give a new Distributor?

Be authentic, and be a product of the product. If you aren’t taking the products, it’s hard to share. Keep Spark® with you wherever you go. I have developed much of my customer base by handing out samples at the post office and grocery store. Ask questions, and get to know people so you know their needs.

What brings you the most joy in life?

Sharing the last 53 years of my life with my husband John. We recently celebrated 51 years of marriage in January. John is my soulmate; we do everything together, and we enjoy sharing AdvoCare® with family, friends and strangers. My cat, Jaxon, who many of my AdvoCare family know and love, has brought much joy and happiness into our lives. Jaxon became joined our family in January 2020, just before the pandemic. He gave us a purpose and helped John and I focus on laughter and happiness during a very difficult time. Jaxon loves to help me share AdvoCare by getting into my AdvoCare boxes and posing for pictures and videos.

Any recipes or mixtures you enjoy using AdvoCare® products?

Paula: Yes, Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake mixed with V16® or Spark® Mandarin Orange, water and ice. It tastes just like dreamsicle and is great for summer!

John: My favorite is BodyLean25® Chocolate and Spark® Cherry, mixed with AdvoCare Arginine Extreme®. I drink it every morning, sometimes with a different flavor of Spark.