For this month’s Champions Spotlight we’re happy and excited to introduce you to AdvoCare® Distributor Tootie Sauer.

It was the year 2009 and in her 15-year career as a trainer, Tootie Sauer would never recommend supplements. But then she found AdvoCare®. After much research, she discovered the credibility of the company and products and knew AdvoCare could further help her clients reach their goals. Fast forward 13 years, and Tootie is now sharing AdvoCare with customers and clients across the nation.

Tootie’s Favorites

Favorite Spark® flavors

Spark® Cherry


AdvoCare Catalyst®, BodyLean25®, AdvoCare Glow®

Favorite AdvoCare® memory

Beyond You in 2020…It was the turning point that enabled me to see the bigger picture. There, I also met my Regional Sales Manager, in person, and we became more connected. With her help at that conference, and continually being my go-to person, I now have the guidance that I was missing. Thank you, AdvoCare, for giving Distributors that home-base support.

How did you discover AdvoCare®?

Just like many people, it all started with a Spark®. A rather persistent friend gave me a sample more than once and kept asking my thoughts. I had in my brain that supplements were bad for me, so even though I liked the sample I still was not sold. I was a trainer (at the time for nearly 20 years), not looking for any supplements and actually steering my clients away from them. Clearly, as time went on and I did my research, I found the credibility of the products with the phenomenal AdvoCare Scientific & Medical Advisory Board. I was also impressed with AdvoCare’s Pillars of Wellness. It became quite clear that this was an awesome match for me, my family, friends and clients. That’s when I started sharing AdvoCare products. 

How has AdvoCare® impacted your family?

Optimal health is the bottom line for my family and me. Although we all have different goals and lifestyle needs, we can tailor AdvoCare products to match. AdvoCare has been that healthy infusion to our already healthy lifestyle. We want to make sure we “walk the walk, and talk the talk!”

What do you do for a living and how does AdvoCare® incorporate into that?

I have worked in the wellness industry for more than 30 years. In a nutshell, I’ve held management positions in corporate wellness, large clubs, and franchised facilities and owned my own private training center. I have trained and coached clients from ages 16 to 96 to help them reach their “personal best.” With AdvoCare, I am able to guide my clients even further by suggesting appropriate supplements that fill in their nutritional gaps to meet their needs and goals.

How do you share the products?

I give samples and share on any opportunity that arises. I always have samples in my bag, along with a bottle of water. The most sharing I do is at boot camps that I train and at nutrition workshops I hold. I enjoy getting a group of women together to talk about the products. I’ve learned that when people ask questions and share their results in a group setting, others are more willing to try products. I am always learning about AdvoCare® products and how they work, so that I can share with others.

Do you share AdvoCare® online/through social media or solely in person?

Initially I may have been forced to make a change to sharing more online because of the craziness that was 2020. But it turns out that actually fueled my fire to do better and be more successful at helping even more people. By merging my online coaching it has helped me share AdvoCare on a much larger scale, and with some hard work and planning it grew my client base. Now both my online and in person businesses autonomously work together, which is awesome. I now have clients in three different time zones and have built friendships throughout the nation.

Number one tip for sharing?

Meet people where they are. I give out many samples, and sometimes people are on board right away but some are not. I give people time to assess but also give them as much info as they appear to want and need. I have had clients who I gave a sample to, and six months later they contact me. So never give up!  I also share stories and real time articles that connect healthy lifestyles. I try to convey from the get go, that supplements are not a substitute for food, they are meant to fill in nutritional gaps. I think that is powerful for people to hear.

Top tip for sharing the 24-Day JumpStart®?

So many people are in the mindset of I will start tomorrow or next week or whatever. So what I share with them from the get go is that it’s all about good health. I also learn what they are trying to achieve. I share my own story and other success stories, and can now direct them to the 24-Day JumpStart Facebook Group. All of this can be powerful to that “yes, I’m in”…The 24-Day JumpStart is just the beginning!

How have you grown since becoming a Distributor?

Because I have been a Distributor for so many years, I have seen what a difference maker I can be in people’s lives. I have seen so many amazing results with clients taking charge of their destiny by incorporating healthy actions into their lives, they never cease to amaze me. As a coach, I love being a part of their success. I am also way better at putting myself out there with confidence.

How has your health and wellness journey evolved over time?

When I started taking AdvoCare® products, it was all about getting the energy to get me through a very long, hectic day. As time went on, my goal shifted to losing weight with the help of  the 24-Day JumpStart®. And now, over the past 10 years, my focus has been healthy aging, which has brought me the most results. I love that there are products to help propel me through tough workouts while other products help with self-care. There are more than 70 products to choose from to align people with their goals, and that’s what I love to share with my clients!

What is your favorite part of being with AdvoCare®?

I love the actual feeling of community and family that we have within the AdvoCare organization. The home office makes us feel like we are all difference makers in the wellness industry, which we are, but it is so awesome that they encourage our unity. After that, hands down, being able to have a positive effect on other’s overall wellbeing. It is phenomenal to help impact lives by providing supportive nutrition solutions to complement their lifestyle choices. I love that AdvoCare helps us have the conversation with people that it takes The 5 Pillars of Wellness. If they see the bigger picture, they can be guided to better choices. It is not all or nothing. Everything counts.

What advice would you give to a Distributor just starting out?

It’s all about building relationships and consistency. I worked a while to build my community, and it helped to create solid relationships with my clients and customers. Also, be a product of the product. Share your product results with others.

What brings you the most joy in life?

My family!

Anything else you would like to share?

I hold many certifications for wellness, including health coach and personal trainer. In the past year, I have moved my goals forward and am about to complete the last level to be designated as a Master Health Coach with my next step in action to be certified as a NBHWC (National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching) Coach.  

Are there any fun mixtures or recipes you enjoy using AdvoCare® products?

I love mixing Spark Cherry with AdvoGreens® Reds Powder, and I also like mixing BodyLean25® with yogurt.