Distributors far and wide will agree that nothing goes together better than summer and Spark®! And the return of the highly-anticipated and popular AdvoCare® #SummerofSpark promotion means three months of deals, fantastic summer flavors, and exciting chances to earn!

The June excitement includes:

What’s more, the three month long #SummerofSpark Distributor Incentive gives you the chance to earn prizes (like June’s Pit Boss® Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill valued at $197) and the opportunity to earn a cash bonus! Visit your microsite for the complete “Summer of Spark” Distributor Incentive details/rules.

Distributor Tips For Maximizing Your #SummerofSpark

The three months of #SummerofSpark offer great opportunities for attracting new customers, and AdvoCare® Distributors are chiming in today with what works well for them!

How does #SummerofSpark help you to reengage existing customers and grow your business?

“It gives people the opportunity to try different flavors of Spark® at a low cost. If people are hesitant to buy a bag or canister in a certain flavor not knowing if they like it, this gives them the opportunity “try it before you buy it” so to speak. Also when people haven’t ordered in a while the Spark® Sample Pack is a great way to re-engage with them and give them sort of a re-intro into Spark, again being able to try different flavors as well.”  – Dawn Gentry

What’s your top tip for finding new customers during #SummerofSpark?

“A good potential client that I give Spark® samples to is anyone that asks or anyone that I find that has the same interests or activities as myself such as exercising or running the kids around or just being a busy adult!!” – Andrea Hamilton

“I keep samples and Spark® Sample Cards on me when I am going to the gym or anywhere and pass them out with with my information on them. I usually try to get that person’s info as well by asking if they mind me following up with them in a few days to see how much they loved it! Social media helps me find new customers because of its many avenues and different ways to advertise. A lot of times I will do a poll asking if people want to try Spark or maybe a new flavor, and I’ll post my referral link because people love being able to just jump over to my site and order. Asking my preferred customers and customers to share my posts or send referrals to me is another great way to find new customers.”Dawn Gentry

Who do you give Spark® Sample Cards to? How are they best used?

“Always carry a Spark® Sample Card to put into action! Set a goal to share 14 packets of spark in sample cards in 14 days.  Be intentional give to those who you invest in learning more about. Follow up with them to see if it made a difference!”Richele Nealeigh

“Past customers, preferred customers, retail customers, new people that have never tried Spark®, and I also keep the sample cards with me to hand out when I am out and about. I always make sure to get their information and follow up.”Dawn Gentry

“I always have samples in my purse, baseball bag, and my work desk to be readily available when I see the opportunity arise to offer a sample.  When a co-worker talks about being tired, I grab a stick of Spark® and share.  I really listen to people, and when I hear “I’m so tired” or “I have a long day ahead” or anything like that I share a sample.  It’s important to share with those who are interested vs just sharing without knowing if it’s a good fit.”  – Jen Mayberry

“I use sampling to find new customers and grow my business by sending Spark® samples for any kind of thank you. I also enjoy the Spark® Sample Cards because they leave extra space to add contact information and they provide nutritional facts which increases your chances of having a prospective customer actually try it!”Andrea Hamilton

How do you follow up after sharing a Spark® sample?

“I always tell the customer to let me know what they think and then I always text or Facebook them in about a week to ask them for myself!”Andrea Hamilton

“For people I have shared with who I see often I reach out in conversation to follow-up.  Sometimes it’s via text, email or social media depending on how we connected in the first place.  I also respect my potential customers preferred method of contact which I know by asking them their preference.”Jen Mayberry

“I make a list and always make sure to look at my reports several times a day. I usually try emailing first then text if I don’t know their preferred method of contact. I usually ask them how they liked the sample, how it made them feel, and how they like the flavor. I make sure to pinpoint the type of energy Spark® provides so that they notice the little things – like they didn’t want that afternoon nap or they got the laundry done even after a full day of work. A lot of people ignore these little results that are actually what Spark is all about and most need these pointed out.”Dawn Gentry

What’s something creative you’ve done to maximize your #SummerofSpark?

“I have been giving out samples of Spark® Pineapple Coconut every week to customers and non customers! For anyone who lives locally to me I deliver a coconut plastic cup, a mini umbrella, a Spark Sample Card with a sample of Spark® Pineapple Coconut and a handwritten card that says ‘I want to share Spark of Summerolada with you🍍🥥!’

For those not local to me, they get a Hawaiian lei, a mini umbrella, a Spark® Sample Card with a sample of Spark® Pineapple Coconut and a handwritten card that says ‘Sending you a Spark of Summerolada🍍🥥.’

I also love talking about Spark® Pineapple Coconut and taking cool pics of  Spark with me or without me and  sharing them.”  – Cynthia Thompson

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