As a feature of the new AdvoCare Connect site, we’re excited to announce that we will be featuring distributors from time to time…and today we’re pleased to introduce you to Danielle and Joe Fuhr.

Along their journey with AdvoCare, the Fuhrs told us that their heart to serve has remained their biggest driver.

“We are really grateful for AdvoCare – we love to serve people. With the recent additions in promotions for our customers and incentives for Distributors, we feel the energy from the company more than ever. We are motivated to keep going and keep sharing what we love.”

Recently with the support of friends and their community, the Fuhrs distributed nearly 1,000 care packages to essential workers in 2020. “We put care packages together for health care workers, and when people saw what we were doing, they wanted to help,” Joe says. Danielle adds, “It was awesome to have the community come alongside us. This was our way to share what we love while loving on our essential workers.”

Danielle and Joe exemplify AdvoCare’s Guiding Principles as they work to reach their goals for their business and give back to their community.


Favorite Spark® flavor



Daily = Spark® Grape, Catalyst, BodyLean25 Chocolate.

For HARD workout days = Post-Workout Recovery and Nighttime Recovery

Favorite AdvoCare memory

Rich Froning walking on his hands to the stage at my first success school and meeting Deb Fisser at Beyond You this year (I have loved her since the first time I heard her speak)


Favorite Spark® flavor

Mandarin Orange


Daily = Catalyst, Spark® Orange, Probiotic, Fiber and BodyLean25.

For workouts = BioCharge, O2 Gold® and Nighttime Recovery

Favorite AdvoCare memory

Going to the Philadelphia Union Game with AdvoCare with my family and our children getting to see AdvoCare and the bigger picture

How did you discover AdvoCare?

“I’m an Assistant Principal and Danielle is a Certified Public Accountant by day,” Joe said. “We began our journey with AdvoCare in 2013 when I was looking for a way to shed some unwanted weight. (Fun fact: We have been together since junior year of high school, we are exactly 2 months apart in age, and we both turn 40 this year!) While searching for a trainer, I found the 24-Day JumpStart®. I lost 40 pounds over six months by taking AdvoCare products, exercising five to six times per week and eating a healthy diet, and I’ve kept it off. Danielle began taking products in the Sports Performance line. People started to notice, and we saw an opportunity to help others while also helping our family. That’s when we decided to share AdvoCare.”

Any fun mixture of AdvoCare products or recipes you enjoy?  

I love mixing Rehydrate® and Biocharge for workouts and BodyLean25 Chocolate with the Glow Collagen Cherry Berry because it tastes like a chocolate covered cherry! Joe enjoys Spark® Mandarin Orange and Rehydrate Orange. He also mixes Biocharge, Biofuel and Arginine Extreme® as a preworkout.

How did you get started? 

“We started by having conversations with friends and family. We talked to those we do life with, sharing health-related goals and solutions, and social media allows us to share our lifestyle and how we use products,” they said. “Getting involved in gyms, athletic associations and the community gave us opportunities to get exposure to new customers, too.”

How did you gain credibility with your customers? 

“We began growing our knowledge of health and fitness. We have become more educated about the importance of our health. Finding a mentor and getting plugged in is important for learning – a good support system was key for our success,” they explained.

“We’ve learned to try new things and to not take rejection personally. We have also discovered a passion for helping others, which is why we obtained our Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Nutritional Coach (CNC) certifications to help friends and family live their best life.”

How has AdvoCare impacted your family?   

“With AdvoCare, we have developed more confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset. It’s made us model good choices for our children, and we are growing in leadership and personal development.”

“We have been impacted in many ways by AdvoCare, but it’s the people we’ve met along the way that have made all the difference. They have changed our lives! They radiate positivity and are encouraging, and we feel so loved by the Home Office. That encouragement is what made us want to do more and why we got our CPT certifications.”

How have you adapted to changes at AdvoCare over the years? 

“We couldn’t be more excited about the new AdvoCare…We love the new business model, and the ability to focus on our Customers and referrals. We really appreciate all that AdvoCare is doing to continue to make amazing products for us and our Customers and supporting us the way that they do!”

Personal testimonies reflect individual experiences and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Results vary with individual effort, consistency of use, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. The 24-Day Jumpstart® is a program to kick start long-term weight loss, health, and wellness. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing, AdvoCare recommends that you consult your healthcare professional before starting an AdvoCare product regimen.

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