For this month’s Champions Spotlight we’re happy to introduce you to AdvoCare Distributor Casey Jo Gemmill.

Casey Jo has grown immensely since joining AdvoCare in 2009 – she’s built a business, made a family and home with her husband and two children, and learned a whole lot of life lessons. Growing up on a farm in Oklahoma and dirt track racing most of her life, Casey Jo knows the value of hard work. Every year Casey Jo leaves Kansas and goes home to help her family with wheat harvest. Together they cut around 3,000 acres working 14-hour days. She said that during those weeks with the heat and the hard work, Spark® and Rehydrate® become their closest friends.

“When you listen more and talk less people share their goals, and you can offer a solution through AdvoCare.”

Casey Jo’s Favorites

Favorite Spark® flavor


Spark® and Probiotic RESTORE ULTRA®

Favorite AdvoCare memory

I earned the opportunity to take my husband to the NASCAR® Cup Race in Kansas City, where we had the opportunity to chat with driver, Trevor Bayne. My husband and I both race dirt track, and we highly respect the sport of racing. Trevor and his wife are both amazing humans – it was a pleasure to chat with them and share our passions.

Any fun mixture of AdvoCare products or recipes you enjoy?  

My favorite combination is Cherry Spark and Berry Lemon Ice Rehydrate, but I also like making these Protein Bites!

  • 1 Meal Replacement Shake Salted Caramel
  • ½ cup peanut butter
  • ¼ cup honey
  • ¾ cup of quick oats
  • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips (optional)
  • Roll ingredients together.

How did you discover AdvoCare?

A fellow graduate assistant coach shared a Spark with me in 2009 and, boy howdy, I am forever grateful!

When did you realize AdvoCare was more than an energy drink?

About a week after I tried Spark, my friend opened a magazine and I saw the doctors who were a part of the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board. I went to an AdvoCare event a month later, and from there I knew it was something I had to share!

How did you get started? 

My results from the products spoke volumes. My first customers were former track teammates from college. I began holding mixers and sharing with my family and people in my hometown. Early on, we set up a booth at a racing swap, where racers bring old parts to exchange, and gave out samples of Spark. We sold $600 worth of Spark that day and gained customers we still have today. The key – we stepped into an environment where we were known and trusted.

How do you share AdvoCare products?

I love to listen. I have learned that if you are willing to close your mouth, you will be amazed at what people will say when given the chance. It comes natural for me to share something that has made a positive impact in my life. I like to help folks connect the dots and be their cheerleader, friend and partner toward better health. We also always have AdvoCare with us or on us. Wearing “our colors” creates conversation. Another way I share is by hosting gatherings–whether it is a salad making party, painting night or a good old fashioned pot luck–through them I always incorporate AdvoCare products.

How has being an AdvoCare Distributor impacted your family?

The culture of AdvoCare has impacted our family deeply! We’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible people along this journey, and the training and life lessons learned will leave a ripple in how we continue to live our lives to serve others. I love helping people – sharing AdvoCare products has given me another opportunity to do that! My kids see me helping others and they care about helping people, too. Our marriage has thrived, and our children have thrived because of what my husband and I have learned over the years. I was given two books by an AdvoCare mentor 11 years ago: “Rhinoceros Success” and “The Traveler’s Gift.” I think everyone should read them; they definitely impacted the course of our journey!

What’s something you have learned through AdvoCare?  

Nothing comes easy, but when the reward comes it is worth the effort you put in. Many of those rewards have come through relationships that took time and work, but seeing people make positive change, and knowing that you were a small part of their journey, is priceless. 

How have you adapted to changes at AdvoCare over the years? 

I have always looked at change as a growth opportunity. My goal with AdvoCare has been to serve my customers, so for me it’s finding the best way to connect, and AdvoCare has always provided many options. I try my best to ensure that my customers know how the different programs and incentives can benefit them. I love that in the 27 years of AdvoCare being in business, they are always looking for a way to take it to the next level. 

What’s your favorite part about being with AdvoCare? 

The people! I hope that everyone who is a part of AdvoCare can feel the heartbeat of the company like I can. When you have great people around you, you attract more and you become more. The people and experiences with those people are the best part! No amount of money could ever stack up to the relationships we have built. 

If you had advice for a Distributor just starting out what would it be?

Love people and let the products speak for themselves. As it’s been said, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” If you’ll listen, people will share their goals and you can gently offer solutions through AdvoCare. In the beginning, I thought I needed to know everything about every product, but I learned that didn’t matter as much. Give people your time and enthusiasm for these products – be the person you want to attract! Also, don’t be afraid to reach out for help from fellow Distributors or the AdvoCare Home Office.

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