For this month’s Champions Spotlight we’re happy to introduce you to AdvoCare® Distributor Anna Mason.

Collegiate athlete turned lacrosse coach and mom, Anna Marie Mason knows what it takes to have determination and drive. After college, Anna gained unwanted weight and was looking for a way to lose those extra pounds. That’s when she found AdvoCare®, and realized she needed a lifestyle change. Having recently reengaged with AdvoCare, Anna’s passion for building her business and living a healthy lifestyle are prime examples of the impact of AdvoCare’s products and the power that lies in the AdvoCare community.

Anna’s Favorites

Favorite Spark® flavor

Spark® Blue Raspberry


MNS Delta™

Favorite AdvoCare memory

With the hard work that I put into my AdvoCare® business, I was able to earn a trip to Mexico, which became my favorite memory. I loved getting time to spend with the AdvoCare community.

How did you discover AdvoCare®?

In 2015, after meeting with my doctor, we decided that I needed to create healthier habits and lose some weight. Around that time I saw a good friend from college who was working on her health and fitness goals and was seeing a lot of success as she adopted healthy habits and used AdvoCare supplements. I ordered a 24-Day JumpStart®, and the rest is history!

How did you get started? 

I am a social media girl. If you followed me, you knew my story. I was open about my situation: I went from being a college athlete to weighing 300 pounds. With the help of AdvoCare® products and eating healthier and exercising, I’ve lost more than 100 pounds over the last six years. Once I saw results it was a no brainer to share what I was using. It took a bit for people to trust me, but the results spoke for themselves. Not only have I found success in my health journey, many of the people I share AdvoCare with are also finding wins in their own journeys! 

How do you share the products today?

I’ll give someone a sample of Spark if it comes up in conversation, but I still share through social media. I share photos of myself and talk about which products I take, as well as share posts from AdvoCare®. When people see the results I’ve achieved because of hard work, lifestyle changes and consistent product use, it opens the door to conversations about AdvoCare.

What’s your number one tip for sharing AdvoCare® on social media?

Be raw and real. People want to see real life. They don’t want to see that everything is always sunshine and roses – share your struggles and your wins.

What’s something you’re able to do now that you weren’t before AdvoCare®?

As the varsity lacrosse coach at my alma mater I couldn’t imagine weighing 300 pounds and doing this as a career. With the help of AdvoCare, I have mindful eating habits. I’m now an active, happy person and an all-in coach and mom; I don’t coach or parent from the sidelines.

What’s something you have learned through AdvoCare®? 

Being consistent  is the key to obtaining greater results.

What would you tell a new Distributor just starting out?

Get your own results and share them. Acknowledge you can’t do everything, but showing your determination could be helping someone else.

What brings you the most joy in life? 

When others see small wins for themselves. 

Any fun recipes or mixtures you have using AdvoCare® products?

Energy balls with protein! Mix 1 ½ cups creamy peanut butter, ½ cup honey, 1 1/3 cups old-fashioned oats (rolled oats),  ½ cup AdvoCare® Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla, 1/8 tsp salt,  and ½ cup mini dark chocolate chips. Stir together and form into balls.

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