For this month’s Champions Spotlight we’re happy to introduce you to AdvoCare® Distributors Meghan and Danny Buelt!

AdvoCare® has impacted the Buelts in many ways and brought people into their lives they may not have met before, including each other! Meghan and Danny joined AdvoCare at different times and were introduced to one another by a mutual friend. Over the past seven years their love for AdvoCare and each other has continued to grow.

Favorite Spark® flavors


Spark®, MNS Delta™ and Catalyst®.

Favorite AdvoCare memories


A memory that stands out for me was early on at an AdvoCare® gathering. I remember the feeling I had as I drank a Spark® Fruit Punch and listened to success stories.


Earning my first corporate training at the AdvoCare® home office. Experiencing the red-carpet treatment and meeting the staff was really awesome!

How did you discover AdvoCare?

Meghan: I was involved in pageants, and after my pageant season I was interested in doing a cleanse. We had a mutual friend through AdvoCare® who referred me to Danny and said, “You should marry this guy!” Three years later, I did! But it all started when Danny asked if I would like to try an AdvoCare Cleanse with him. I also tried Spark and was hooked! We lived hours apart when we were dating. Spark helped me stay alert and focused* on my drives home. 

Danny: We found AdvoCare® at different times. I joined AdvoCare in 2011 when I was a fitness coach and personal trainer. A friend reached out, thinking I would enjoy the products. Being in the fitness industry, I had tried other products and not many worked, but AdvoCare products tasted great and worked! When you’re taking the supplements, working out and eating a balanced diet, you start to see a difference. I also saw the culture and community of people in AdvoCare who were so supportive, and I wanted to be a part of that.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

At what point did you realize AdvoCare was more than just an energy supplement? 

Seeing the culture and community of AdvoCare® and how it could impact those we love is what made the difference. We both wanted to be a part of something that could help change people’s lives.

What do you do for a living and do you incorporate AdvoCare products? 

Danny: I am a real estate professional and former fitness coach. Meghan works as a director for a large company. AdvoCare® products help keep us active, healthy and energized during the day, and help us stay on track with our nutrition.

How did you get started? 

Danny: I shared Spark with people and attended an AdvoCare® men’s event. Being in the fitness industry, I had a clientele. It was natural to share the products. Also, my friends were already drinking energy products, so it was easy to share a premium energy supplement with them. At the time I was 24, and I hadn’t had a lot of experiences where I was around other men who were supportive and helped build you up. I enjoyed being around like-minded people.

Megan: I started by sharing AdvoCare® products with my church community. The people closest to me didn’t want to try the products at first, but when they saw how the products and people were making a difference in my life, they hopped on!

How do you share the products today?

When it comes up in conversations, the best way to share is how we use the products in our daily routine. From there, people usually ask which products we use, and it gets the conversation going.

What’s something you have learned through AdvoCare?

We have learned how to build relationships and how to take ownership of our goals.

How have you grown since first becoming a Distributor?

Meghan: We’ve grown in so many ways–leadership, interpersonal communication … too many to list! I work with a global cosmetic company, and the things I’ve learned through AdvoCare® have helped me in this role. The training, and the culture and leadership of AdvoCare, have helped me train others. I am able to use principles I’ve learned through AdvoCare in my dream job!

What is your favorite part of being with AdvoCare?

We are so thankful for the relationships we have built with others over the years and the avenues it’s created in our lives. And the leadership trainings!

What’s your number one tip for sharing AdvoCare on social media?

Have happy customers share their experiences!

What advice would you give a new Distributor just starting out?

Meghan:  Right now, serve your online market. The days of family reunions or walking up to someone at a store are harder to come by. Figure out who your perfect customer is and build an audience: moms, athletes, women who participate in pageants, etc. Use social media to build your audience, and then sprinkle in information about AdvoCare®, and share how AdvoCare products fit into your life.

Danny:  Stay connected to what AdvoCare® is doing and continue to educate yourself. Things are ever changing, and if you stay connected you’ll be more of an expert on the products, which sets you apart and makes it easier to share.

Any fun AdvoCare mixtures or recipes you enjoy?

Meghan: I love mixing AdvoCare Slim® and BioCharge® with a Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake right before going to the gym. It tastes like an orange fruit smoothie!

Danny: My favorite mixture is Spark® and AdvoCare Rehydrate®. It’s perfect in the summertime! I also like making a coffee mug cake using a Meal Replacement Shake: Mix a Meal Replacement Shake with water, stir, and microwave for 20-30 seconds.  

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