Distributors are connecting with their AdvoCare Region Managers this year in a whole new way as Zooming from home has risen in popularity! Lunch & Learns are a great, fun way to connect with other Distributors in your region, to share your successes, and learn what works well for others!

Here’s how to participate:  If you haven’t already, Go Here to discover your region Facebook Group. All dates and links to upcoming Zooms will be found on your group page.

Upcoming Lunch & Learns:

  • Dec 3 – LEADS! Each region will have a Distributor of their own speak on successes with Leads!
  • Dec 10 – Customer appreciation tips
  • More Lunch and Learns listed soon!


Attraction Marketing with Distributor Meghan Buelt

In a recent Lunch & Learn AdvoCare West Region Distributor Meghan Buelt led a great session on “Attraction Marketing”, complete with tips for growing and engaging your social media audience. Three great takeaways:

The Daily 3s – Follow/add 3 people, comment on 3 friends’ posts, and message 3 friends. Consistency is the key, it will lead Facebook and Instagram to recommend even more appropriate people for you to follow, and will recommend you to others.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Don’t only post about business. You are your brand. You attract friends and followers for different reasons. Make your jabs about you, or others. Post a question. Post a personal update. Post about your pug. Jab, jab, jab with non-business. Then hit them with the right hook – a sale, a new product, etc.

The Shoutout (Referral) Post – Your friends (and your friends of friends) are your “warm” audience. To reach those friends of friends, you’ll ask one of YOUR friends to post about their positive experience, and maybe even tag some of their friends who may be interested. Then make sure to respond to each and every comment, taking specific questions into Messenger so no-one visits the post and gets a free answer without commenting.


Thanks again to Meghan for such an informative session, and make sure to join one of AdvoCare’s future Lunch & Learns!

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